Night Angel With a Library Visited by an Orange and Colorful Bouquet of Sun

July 21 2020

Walk with Lillian last night. We’ll have to take this again in daylight. She and I have been taking our walks together after dinner once it’s cooled down.


Just back from the library. It’s been a little over a month that we’ve been able to pick up books from the drive-through window at the library. Thankfully, the line has gotten shorter, the wait not as long. The first time it took an hour.

We sure do miss our volunteer time. We used to be here every Wednesday afternoon shelving books and pulling holds. Last I heard, volunteers would not be returning until January 2021. We miss the library and especially the folks at South Valleys Library. However …. YAY for library books!!


Lillian looked outside and said the sun was shining orange. I’ve lived here long enough to know what that means. Fire about 4 miles from us in one direction. Dark cloud in the other direction, bringing about 5 minutes of heavy rain. More rain please!! Seems to be small. Confident they’re getting it under control.


Sunset walk with Lillian. Took some photos before it got too dark. Great walk!

July 24 2020

Another wonderful sunset walk with Lilian yesterday. Not a fan of all the lighting, but sometimes it looks cool.

July 24 2020

Bought myself a bouquet of colorful flowers.

Taking the Day Off With Different Beautiful Colors Alongside Peaceful Magic

September 2 2019:

After dinner walk yesterday. Sat for a bit this time. Beautiful colors and magically peaceful.

September 3 2019:

Much needed and welcome walk yesterday after dinner. I did something I haven’t done in years. I took the day off … off of social media, off from working on my book, off from Meeting the Authors, off from packing, off from everything (except making food for all three of us). And ….. read almost all day long. 💜 The sun and clouds made amazing sky art!

September 4 2019:

Magical and breathtaking walk with Lillian yesterday.

September 7 2019:

From an after dinner walk on Thursday. Trying to get different views as I’m usually drawn to the same views for photographing.

Sunset Walks While Appreciating Nature’s Art Show

May 19 2019:

Short sunset walk with Thomas. Incredibly beautiful. Incredibly cold. 💛💛💛

May 20 2019:

Today’s walk. Beautiful sun. Thank you Nature. 🙏💛💛💛🙏

May 22 2019:

Short walk yesterday at sunset. The clouds and sun created a beautiful art show! 💛💛

Yummy and Honeysuckle Drunk and Look Up and Tree Whispers

June 7 2018:

Sunset walk with Thomas. Yummy clouds. Yummy sunset. Yummy trees. And yummy company!!! I inhaled the honeysuckle scent until I was honeysuckle drunk. I seriously adore this smell. It is my absolute favorite! Ahhhhh!!!

Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #1 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #3 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #4 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #5 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #6 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #7 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #8 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #9 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #10 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 6.6.18 #11

June 8 2018:

Looking up. Breathtaking!

Looking Up Trees and Sky 6.8.18

June 9 2018:

The tree on the right whispers to the tree on the left, “Hey! Check out this amazing view we get every single day! And it’s always different. The sky, clouds, and sun are so good to us. They deeply love us!”

Trees and Sun and Lake Vintage 6.9.18

Sunset Walk and Beautiful and Blessed

September 18 2017:

Sunset walk with Thomas. Lillian is still recovering from the fall she took on Friday. The cool down has begun.

Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #1 Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas 9.18.17 #3

September 20 2017:

Such an incredibly beautiful sky this afternoon. I received a special treat from a beautiful friend and this is the amazing sky that blessed me as I left her place and headed to volunteering at the library. Thank you Kathy!!!!

Audrey Harris Park Sky and Tree 9.20.17

By the Shine of the Moon and Beautiful and Peaceful and Loving

May 3 2017:

Thomas and I had an extremely rough night last night with addressing one another’s thorns and triggers. This was after those life lessons …

Playing in the sprinklers by the shine of the moon last night with Thomas. Mother Nature is an incredible gift to us.

Much needed. So grateful to Mother Nature!


A just-after-sunset walk for all three of us tonight. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful. xoxo

Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #3 Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #2 Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #1

May 5 2017:

Solo sunset walk for me yesterday. These are interesting times indeed. Grateful for Mother Nature and her loving embrace. xoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Sunset 5.5.17

Everything Flows Onward


February 15 2016:

Absolutely wonderful sunset walk with Thomas and Lillian. We walked around the entire wetland loop. A FIRST FOR LILLIAN!!! Its between 4 to 5 miles long. We had so much fun giggling, enjoying the views as we walked, and reminiscing about the past ….

Changes, fun, adventures, growth, letting go, more fun, miles of walking, and more adventures. Love, sweet love.

“All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.” -Ovid

Damonte Ranch Trail Walk 2.15.16 #1 Damonte Ranch Trail Walk 2.15.16 #2 Damonte Ranch Trail Walk 2.15.16 #3 Damonte Ranch Trail Walk 2.15.16 #4 Damonte Ranch Trail Walk 2.15.16 #5

Quiet and Serenity and Peace and Hypnotic and Contrast

December 4 2016:

Sunset walk with Lillian …. Amazing colors, amazing clouds, surrounded with quiet, serenity, and peace. Love, love, love … xoxo

walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-1 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-2 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-3 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-4 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-5 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-6 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-7 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-8


On our sunset walk this afternoon, we paused for Lillian to share about her unique talents and gifts and about her favorite time of the year. xoxo


December 5 2016:

Beauty from this mornings walk … This tree catches my attention every time I walk by it. Called for another picture this time! xoxo



December 6 2016:

Lots of black-billed magpies around lately. One let me snap his picture before he flitted away. This time I took a few minutes to sit, snug with my back leaned against a tree and my feet leaning on a huge rock. Nice and cozy. xoxo

walk-the-vintage-lake-12-6-16-1 walk-the-vintage-lake-12-6-16-2 walk-the-vintage-lake-12-6-16-3


Where I sat for a while this morning. I was so comfy; I didn’t want to leave …. leaned against a tree and surrounded by four huge rocks. Listening to the water, wind, and geese. So wonderful! xoxo


December 7 2016:

Cold, cold, cold family walk yesterday afternoon …. Walking for me is a poetic act, a communion with Nature, and a contemplation of landscape. I love sharing this with Thomas and Lillian. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-3 walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-4


December 9 2016:

Thomas and I took a walk yesterday morning in the first snow of the season. There’s nothing like the feel and sound of the first snows crunch as you walk through it. xoxo ❄️❄️xoxo

walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-1 walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-4


December 9 2016:

The moon was amazing last night. There was a large halo and the clouds were gently and quickly drifting by the glow. Seriously, I took 555 pictures …. it’s at times like that I wish I had a good quality camera. One day. xoxo


Hypnotic and magical moon last night …. I could not get enough of it. Every second was a different view. xoxo

halo-moon-12-8-16-1 halo-moon-12-8-16-2 halo-moon-12-8-16-3 halo-moon-12-8-16-4 halo-moon-12-8-16-5


December 9 2016:

Spotted this beautiful black cat on the walk this morning and was moved by the beauty and contrast of colors. Then the water as I walked over the bridge caught my attention. Am I looking up or down? I’m blessed and grateful that Nature never tires of shining and showing me. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-3 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-4 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-5