Walking and Nature and Love and Exploring

August 2 2016:

Lillian and I had a beautiful walk last night. Walking with Thomas and Lillian inspires me and I’m blessed they feel the same. xoxo

August 3 2016:

Took our nightly read-out-loud-together to the park last night. Also had our family walk and threw the football and frisbee.

Yesterday was a day of intensely sad emotions. I’m blessed this is the way we ended our day. Nature and love are good medicine. xoxo


August 6, 2016:

Sunset walk with Lillian last night. Noticeably cooler with a wonderful breeze. So much joy in exploring trees, leaves, and shadows. Plus we found this cool feather to research and discover its owner. xoxo

sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-9 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-8 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-7 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-6 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-5 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-4 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-3 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-2 sunset-walk-with-lillian-8-5-16-1

Sunset Walk and Slow Down and Uncovering Life’s Truths

September 27 2016:

Sunset walk with Thomas and Lillian last night …. Which held a message I am moved to share.

At the Round Dance Thomas and I participated in on Sunday, we listened to the story of what the grandmas have to teach. Slow down and walk with them. It’s not often that the younger ones do slow down and walk with them. (Very condensed version)

I tied this in with how slowly Lillian walks. I have to consciously make myself slow down to her pace … And many times I find myself way ahead of her, having sped up again.

Last night I set an intention of walking at her pace. I stayed even with her almost the entire walk. Need to do that more often!

Slow down ….. Notice things usually gone unnoticed. Slow down. Notice who or what you may have left behind. Let go of the “things to do” …. For just a little while. xoxo



September 28 2016:

After dinner walk with Thomas tonight. As we were driving home on Sunday from the Round Dance gathering, he looked over at me and said, “I love you.”

He had such a meaningful experience and I’m so happy I took him with me. Blessed that we take these walks and uncover life’s truths together.

sunset-walk-with-thomas-9-28-16-5 sunset-walk-with-thomas-9-28-16-4 sunset-walk-with-thomas-9-28-16-3 sunset-walk-with-thomas-9-28-16-2 sunset-walk-with-thomas-9-28-16-1


September 30 2016:

I have no idea why this is sideways. Could have sworn I was holding it in a way to prevent this! Sorry! Thomas answers a question from a friend about sunrise and sunset …. xoxo