Be With Me by Camilla Downs

Pink and White Flowers Sweet One Poem 2016

“Sweet one,
Be with me
For a moment.

I ask of you
Out of your mind
To venture.

Come forth
Into your heart.
Listen to the song
Of the heart.
For she sings
A love song
Sweet and beautiful.

A song designed
Specifically for you.
Hear you will not,
If you choose
To live life
In the realm of the mind.

The mind is a tool
To be used in
Unison with the
The song of the heart.

Come forth into
Your heart.
Listen to the song
Of the heart.
Live life from
The music of the heart

And set your self free.” ~2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

Revealing the Truth by Camilla Downs

Thomas and Camilla January 2017 Date Day Part 2 1.31.17 #4

“Like a gentle breeze
Moves through you,
You move through
The clouds of my soul,
Revealing the truth
Obscured by living
A life of illusion.
By the grace of You
I can see clearly now.” -2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

A Wandering I Shall Go by Camilla Downs


“A wandering I shall go
Your beauty entices me
Deeper and deeper
I must go.
For time spent
with you is cleansing.
As water rinses the dirt
from this body, so
You rinse the
mind and body
of illusions
Step after step
your beauty mixes love with the intellect
For what is the intellect alone
if not first passed
through the heart of divine love.” -2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature

Free to Be You by Camilla Downs

February 3 2017:

Feeling incredibly blessed  … What a beautiful confirmation to have waiting for me as I got online.

I am deeply grateful to have found this community with which to share my nature inspired poetry. Made my eyes sweat with joy …

Thank you to Thomas for taking this picture of me; which I feel exudes freedom …

Free to Be Me and Free to Be You …. xoxo

Damonte Ranch Walk 9.13.16 #5


Bursting with Vibrancy by Camilla Downs


“Living life with wild abandon
Bursting with vibrancy
In every direction
Being joyful to be you.
Oh tree! You inspire me,
To live life in this way,
Is to live free.”~ 2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

Oh Beautiful Tree by Camilla Downs


“Nature knows not
Her beauty without us.
We know not
Our beauty, compassion,
And peace without her.”
Oh beautiful tree
The lessons thy impart to me
Open the heart to be free
Grateful to you
I will forever be.” Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature
(Picture in San Antonio along the Riverwalk July 2016)

Grow Where You Are by Camilla Downs

(San Antonio Riverwalk July 2016)

“Grow where you are,
Lest you spend precious time
Waiting to grow
Until you arrive someplace else.
For when one reaches the
Someplace else, there will
Always be the next someplace else.
Grow as your heart desires
from within,
To allow without to miraculously
Support ones growth.” –Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature


Quiet and Serenity and Peace and Hypnotic and Contrast

December 4 2016:

Sunset walk with Lillian …. Amazing colors, amazing clouds, surrounded with quiet, serenity, and peace. Love, love, love … xoxo

walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-1 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-2 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-3 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-4 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-5 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-6 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-7 walk-with-lillian-the-vintage-12-4-16-8


On our sunset walk this afternoon, we paused for Lillian to share about her unique talents and gifts and about her favorite time of the year. xoxo


December 5 2016:

Beauty from this mornings walk … This tree catches my attention every time I walk by it. Called for another picture this time! xoxo



December 6 2016:

Lots of black-billed magpies around lately. One let me snap his picture before he flitted away. This time I took a few minutes to sit, snug with my back leaned against a tree and my feet leaning on a huge rock. Nice and cozy. xoxo

walk-the-vintage-lake-12-6-16-1 walk-the-vintage-lake-12-6-16-2 walk-the-vintage-lake-12-6-16-3


Where I sat for a while this morning. I was so comfy; I didn’t want to leave …. leaned against a tree and surrounded by four huge rocks. Listening to the water, wind, and geese. So wonderful! xoxo


December 7 2016:

Cold, cold, cold family walk yesterday afternoon …. Walking for me is a poetic act, a communion with Nature, and a contemplation of landscape. I love sharing this with Thomas and Lillian. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-3 walk-vintage-lake-12-7-16-4


December 9 2016:

Thomas and I took a walk yesterday morning in the first snow of the season. There’s nothing like the feel and sound of the first snows crunch as you walk through it. xoxo ❄️❄️xoxo

walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-1 walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-vintage-in-snow-12-9-16-4


December 9 2016:

The moon was amazing last night. There was a large halo and the clouds were gently and quickly drifting by the glow. Seriously, I took 555 pictures …. it’s at times like that I wish I had a good quality camera. One day. xoxo


Hypnotic and magical moon last night …. I could not get enough of it. Every second was a different view. xoxo

halo-moon-12-8-16-1 halo-moon-12-8-16-2 halo-moon-12-8-16-3 halo-moon-12-8-16-4 halo-moon-12-8-16-5


December 9 2016:

Spotted this beautiful black cat on the walk this morning and was moved by the beauty and contrast of colors. Then the water as I walked over the bridge caught my attention. Am I looking up or down? I’m blessed and grateful that Nature never tires of shining and showing me. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-3 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-4 walk-vintage-lake-12-9-16-5

White Duck and Inspiration and Dancing and Sparkling

November 30 2016:

I got to see a white duck when I was walking Happy this afternoon. So beautiful!

Then we finally had our Team TLC walk right at sunset. It’s been about a week for a family walk as we waited for everyone to get healthy again! It was a blissful walk!! xoxo



December 1 2016:

Such a wonderful walk this morning. Walking inspires me. Nature inspires me. Photography inspires me. Yes. Thank you and bring me more. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-1-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-1-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-1-16-3


December 2 2016:

Magnificent ….. Sunlight sparkling and dancing on the lake water this morning. Nature blesses me so ….. May you sparkle and dance through your day ….


December 2 2016:

Walking this morning … Dancing, sparkling sunlight, full trees, and bare trees. Incredible testimony to presence. So uplifting! xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-3 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-4 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-5


December 3 2016:

Galena Creek Park … Yesterday on the Thomas and Camilla November 2016 Date Day. Rushing water = Beautiful!!!