Library Reopening – Camilla on Channel 4

May 3 2021

Do I look ready? About to be Zoom interviewed for a segment on the local news about the libraries reopening. 📚🎉📚 Airs tonight, May 3rd, on Channel 4 at 6:00pm and 6:30pm.

Reporter Madison Macay, airing on Channel 4 at 6:00 and 6:30 tonight.

May 5 2021

After nearly a year and a half we got to go inside the place where a piece of our hearts live. Hallelujah!!

Night Angel With a Library Visited by an Orange and Colorful Bouquet of Sun

July 21 2020

Walk with Lillian last night. We’ll have to take this again in daylight. She and I have been taking our walks together after dinner once it’s cooled down.


Just back from the library. It’s been a little over a month that we’ve been able to pick up books from the drive-through window at the library. Thankfully, the line has gotten shorter, the wait not as long. The first time it took an hour.

We sure do miss our volunteer time. We used to be here every Wednesday afternoon shelving books and pulling holds. Last I heard, volunteers would not be returning until January 2021. We miss the library and especially the folks at South Valleys Library. However …. YAY for library books!!


Lillian looked outside and said the sun was shining orange. I’ve lived here long enough to know what that means. Fire about 4 miles from us in one direction. Dark cloud in the other direction, bringing about 5 minutes of heavy rain. More rain please!! Seems to be small. Confident they’re getting it under control.


Sunset walk with Lillian. Took some photos before it got too dark. Great walk!

July 24 2020

Another wonderful sunset walk with Lilian yesterday. Not a fan of all the lighting, but sometimes it looks cool.

July 24 2020

Bought myself a bouquet of colorful flowers.

Volunteering at the Library and Humane Society

September 7 2017:

First day volunteering at our home away from home! Thomas took a picture as we were leaving and we had Mary take a picture of us with our official badges!

Our library tour was easy since we already know everyone there and we already know the library layout having been going two or three times per month for the past ten years.

Lillian enjoyed getting to see behind the counter where the books are returned and where all the behind the scenes action takes place. We will be there every Wednesday from 2-4.

I may be a tad more excited than Lillian! Ha!!! I am truly inspired by the written word. xoxoxo

Lillian and Camilla 1st Day Volunteering at the Library 9.7.18 #1 Lillian and Camilla 1st Day Volunteering at the Library 9.7.18 #2

Thomas’ turn now! He wants to volunteer at the Nevada Humane Society working with cats and small animals. Orientation set for October 1st! He’s very excited!

Here’s a picture of Cinamon who was with me for 18 years (from the time she was a wee tiny one). Thomas got to have about five years with her before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010. xoxoxo

Nevada Humane Society Confirmation for Orientation 2017 Cinamon

The Place Where Knowledge is Shelved

September 16 2016:

Today was that day.

The day we travel beyond this city, this state, this country, beyond our wildest dreams, back to the past, into the future, to make believe worlds, to real life, to the mystical, spiritual, to the Angels, to the fairies, to the depths of the sea, and beyond the stars.

The library. The place where knowledge is shelved, someone else’s imagination can be checked out, and dreams come true. xoxo

January 21 2012: Library and Movie Night

Lillian having lunch! Little light reading about Albert Einstein (Famous People) (amazon affiliate link) while munching away. Then she read a great little book titled, Smart About Money: A Rich History (Smart About History) (amazon affiliate link). These two crack me up! Yes, I do purposely get them these kinds of books; but I don’t make them read ’em. They choose to read these awesome books! After she finished we headed to the library.

Team TLC is on our way to the library. Watch out, we’ve got THREE bags with us ready to load with books and movies!

One of Lillian’s favorite places. She loves going to the library. Thomas and I do too. Every 3rd Saturday, you’ll find us there!

Thomas found a nice little spot too!

South Valleys Library has a cool little path and garden area behind the library. A local Boy Scouts group built it as one of their projects years ago. I think we are just about the only people who use it. This is where you’ll find us after we’ve loaded up with books and movies!

Indulged tonight in a yummy hot dog with a side of Guinness! This was so very good!

Then it was Team TLC movie time!