S’mores with Crispy Crunchy Okra and Some Other Stuff

July 14 2020


July 16 2020

I felt like having this for lunch today. So, I did. Ha! Crispy crunchy okra, Miyoko’s cultured farmhouse “cheddar”, tomatoes with Himalayan pink salt and pepper, kalamata olives, marinated artichoke quarters, pugliese artisan bread with milkadamia buttery spread, sweet cherries, truffle Marcona almonds, and sweet & spicy pecans …. Can you tell I had just gotten back from grocery shopping? This was incredibly satisfying.

S’mores With Comfort Food

July 5 2020

It was a s’mores kinda afternoon. So good. What a delicious treat.

July 10 2020

This afternoon called for comfort food. Totally tomato soup courtesy of Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno. Grilled cheese made by me, with Ciabatta and Violife smoked provolone slices. Then a nice rest on the couch. Ahhhhh …

Happy People and S’mores

July 19 2018:

Thomas and Lillian used to frequent Ms. Kat’s place from the time Thomas was about 3 years old. They both love Kat McLain so much and have NEVER stopped wanting to go visit here and there.

It’s been a really long time!! Kat was able to get them in today so they could hang out!! Happy people!!!!!

July 20 2018:

It’s a s’mores kinda night. I feel I have perfected the “s’mores in the oven” technique.