After Dinner Walking While Peppers Get Stuffed With a Pool Party

September 3 2020

After dinner walk with Lillian on Tuesday. Thought we should get a photo of the empty Apple store.

September 5 2020

Thomas Darnell went to the grocery store with me last week. He saw these great looking peppers and said he wanted to make stuffed peppers. I helped a bit, and here’s one of the finished peppers. Jasmine rice layered with peas, corn, and two kinds of cheese.

September 5 2020

The pool is finally finished and open!! Furniture didn’t make it in time. But, whatever! Grand opening with food from Noble Pie Parlor – Summit Sierra!! The vegan pizza is amazing!!! Yay!!!

Wonderful Walks With Clouds and Thorny Sunsets While the Ornamental Grass Glows

August 9 2020

There were many wonderful walks, clouds and sunsets during the two week stay at home vacation and social media break.

August 11 2020

Sunset walk with Lillian.
Sometimes parenting is a bed of roses.
Sometimes parenting is a bed of thorns.
Sometimes I know exactly where I’m going.
Sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.
Yet, the walks I take, the scenes my eyes frame, the photos I take, being in nature, always brings peace and comfort.

August 13 2020

Wonderful early morning walk. I love these lil fuzzy ornamental grasses. They glow in the sunlight.

Calm and Smooth and Peace and Incredible Stillness and Refreshing Breeze

July 9 2018:

Today’s morning walk brought the message of calm, smooth, peace, and just BEing with what is.

Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #1 Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #2 Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #3 Camilla Walk Vintage Lake 7.9.18 #4

July 10 2018:

Sunset walk with a Thomas last night. Incredible stillness. Incredible clouds. Incredible Nature.

July 12 2018:

Sunset walk with Lillian last night. A refreshing breeze invited us to linger just a bit longer. I love you Mother Nature.

Nature’s Abundance by Camilla Downs

Frosty Embrace - Nature's Abundance 3.9.18

Nature’s Abundance

I feel the frosty cold
embrace as You brush
across this body.
I feel and Know
your Abundance.

I touch and hug
the beautiful,
scarred and knotted
trees that sprout
and grow from Your soil.
I feel and Know
your Abundance.

I delight in the sparkling
and unique snow flakes
as they drift from
the brooding clouds
above and lightly fall
upon this body.
I feel and Know
your Abundance.

Lo, even as I dodge
and walk through
the nuggets of
geese waste left
behind by these
majestic and
interesting creatures,
I feel and Know
your Abundance.

Yes, I feel Your abundance
I Know it now.

It’s been a ….. Go here to read more …

Poetry and Photography: Nature’s Abundance