Orientation for New Beginnings With a Deep Dive

April 27 2022

Orientation was tonight. Registration is tomorrow. Thomas is excited about the next 2 years, this dual credit program, and graduating in 2024 from high school, and with an AA degree.

May 7 2022

Thomas and I had the first session of the Digipen Deep Dive series this morning, learning more about one of the colleges he’s considering. I’m so excited for him!!

The Path for Thomas – Dual Credits at TMCC High School and TMCC

March 9 2022

Great news received this afternoon! First step complete and accepted for Thomas to graduate with his high school diploma and an AA degree in 2024! 👏👏👏 There are several ways to achieve this, and this option appealed to Thomas the most.

This particular path is to attend TMCC Magnet High School, while also taking college classes at TMCC. The high school is located on the same campus as the college. Thomas has to complete one more step (testing), and then he’ll be set. And if this doesn’t work out, we’ll fall back to his second option.

Bonus: The college courses are paid for by TMCC High School!

March 29 2022

Spent the morning at TMCC’s Dandini campus while Thomas took the accuplacer test. The highest score possible is 300. Go Thomas!! He definitely surpassed the required scoring for final approval of the TMCC High school dual credit program.

It’s such a beautiful campus, and they had a vegan chick’n burger at the cafe. I’m so proud and happy for Thomas.