Throwback Post: Summer 2010 – Lake Tahoe and The Automobile Museum While Jogging at a Party on Geiger Grade Listening to Cowboy Poetry While Visiting Grandpa Robert


Camilla, Thomas & Lillian out and about!

August 2010 Date Day with Thomas at The Automobile Museum

Jog-a-thon at Lillian’s School! Thomas did it with her!

Pull off on the way to Virginia City, Nevada!


Lillian and photos she took.

Birthday Party for one of Lillian’s friends ~ Grand Sierra ~

Thomas & Lillian

Hallway Bowling

Cowboy Poetry at Sparks Heritage Museum

Lillian and Thomas

King’s Beach ~ Lake Tahoe

Graduation Party at Kristy Crabtree’s House

Thomas & Lillian

My daddy’s visit (Robert Downs)

The Romano Casa

Lillian’s painted toe nails and Lillian and Thomas out and about

Chromosome 18 Conference in Tulsa! July 2010


Throwback Post – Thomas and Camilla May 2014 Date Day


May 10 2014

Mini date with Thomas today. Looked at a place for rent, went to Stone Age and had an amazing time looking at all the rocks and crystals and got us a few goodies too, then looking at guinea pigs, birds and fish!! Cold and rainy so we decided against our usual outdoor date style!! Now, if we could just combine the library/used book store and the Stone Age store into the Team TLC house … WOW!! I don’t know if we’d ever want to leave!! xoxo

It’s hard to get this one to stand still!! xoxo

We had a ball laughing with this goldfish. He was amazing!!!

Good Golly!! This place is fabulous … Stone Age .. Full of all kinds of amazing goodies! Got a chunk of opal, white quartz, and fuschsite, a gorgeous amethyst pendulum, a green aventurine pendent and a special little goody for Thomas and Lillian for Mother’s Day. YES! I am going to give each of them a gift tomorrow! I do it different around here! xoxo


Bingo and National Geographic and Happy

February 1 2017:

Last night was a bingo kinda night. We like to play blackout!!! So fun!!!

Bingo 2.1.17

February 3 2017:

Finally!! Thomas‘ birthday present of a subscription to National Geographic has arrived! Yay!!

Thomas with National Geographic 2.3.17

February 4 2017:

Yesterday was my last day walking Happy. It’s not a good idea to try and take his picture when he knows you have treats for him!! HA! He was incredibly excited!

I didn’t realize there was going to be such intense sadness within me last night. I’ve been walking him since September and his name has deep and significant meaning. That’s a blog post in and of itself regarding his name; which connects with an event from 2014.

After journal writing this morning, feeling much more balanced!! YAY!!

Happy trails to you Happy!! It’s been a blessing!! xoxo

P.S.: Dog walking gig. Happy and his human companion, Debbie, have been here temporarily. Debbie was on a five month consulting job and needed someone to walk Happy during the day and dog sit when she was out of town. That was ME! They head back home to Florida this morning.

They have been a blessing to us financially and with their kindness. And, Debbie says I have been a blessing them. Happy did get sick while they were here. Had a brain tumor removed at UC Davis. So … he’s kind of been a special needs doggie! He is recovering nicely.

Camilla and Thomas with Happy Vintage Lake 2.4.17 #1 Camilla and Thomas with Happy Vintage Lake 2.4.17 #2 Camilla and Thomas with Happy Vintage Lake 2.4.17 #3