Smithsonian Magazine Free Museum Day – Bowers Mansion

September 22 2018:

Free museum day!!! After all these years, Thomas and I finally toured the inside of Bowers Mansion.

(Not Lillian’s thang! She loves the grounds but no interest in seeing the inside.)

Lots and lots of photos to follow as I love the grounds and trees!!

This is a group of accidental photos Thomas took after taking my picture. I think the blurr from the movement looks wonderful!

Thomas and Camilla August 2018 Date Day

August 24 2018:

Gorgeous afternoon spent at Nevada Beach.

First, a picnic, then a swim for me and playing in the sand for Thomas. I Love Lake Tahoe deeply and am so at peace when I get the chance to immerse in her! Just WOW!!!

Then for some floating fun in the tubes we borrowed yesterday. Too windy for kayaking as this would have been our first time. Need not quite so much wind. Floating and paddling in the tubes was perfect!!

Plus!!! Chipmunk wisdom!!! This sweet lil critter stayed with us the entire time we were deflating the tubes and loading the car. Thank you chipmunk!!!

Last stop on the date – SouthCreek Pizza for an appetizer for me of fire roasted green beans ….. Oh my gosh, YUM!!! … and dessert for Thomas of 3 scoops of rocky road gelato. Accompanied by a taste of the oh so yummy Ceci.

High Energy and Low Energy and Wild and Crazy Wind

January 14 2018:

Solo walk yesterday. It was a high energy day yesterday. Complete opposite today. Feel like I was up all night doing strenuous work. And I slept hard all night. HA! This interesting and magical thing called life …. I will have to request the night off tonight from whatever I was working on in my sleep!!

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.13.18

January 18 2018:

Solo walk this afternoon. Wild and crazy wind kicking up itty bitty white caps in this tiny lake. (Pictures a tad blurry as I couldn’t hold my arms still from the wind blowing so hard!!) This walk felt so incredibly good. Gratitude and love overflowed and blew away in the winds. Amazing!! The wind was Wild!! Suited me and my inner Wild Woman! xoxoxoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #1 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #2 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #3 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #4 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 1.18.18 #5