Sunset and Breeze and Rain and Grateful and Sharing Love

July 24 2017:

Team TLC sunset walk tonight! Perfect timing as it began to rain just as our walk came to an end. We went back out and played in the rain though! Walks, sunset, breeze, and rain ….. Incredibly grateful. xoxo

Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 7.24.17 #1 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 7.24.17 #2 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 7.24.17 #3 Sunset Walk Vintage Lake 7.24.17 #4

July 26 2017:

Morning walk at the Galena Creek Visitor Center. Amazing beauty and peace, along with wonderful tree companions.

So incredibly grateful to Nature for the peace she brings amongst uncertainty and times of not knowing. This is the hugest and biggest surrender, letting go, and not knowing to date. xoxoxo

Solo Walk Galena Creek Visitor Center 7.26.17 #1 Solo Walk Galena Creek Visitor Center 7.26.17 #2 Solo Walk Galena Creek Visitor Center 7.26.17 #3 Solo Walk Galena Creek Visitor Center 7.26.17 #4

July 27 2017:

A swim underneath an amazing moon was just the thing. Thank you water and moon! xoxo

July 28 2017:

Sunset walk with Thomas last night. Such a heart filled walk with this wonderful young man I get to share this life’s journey with as mother and son.

We fed the ducks along with a few wee ducklings and took our time. Afterwards we sat for a while on the lodge patio talking about movies. Then we came home, got Lillian, and went for a moonlit swim.

It was so much more than that. The walk, feeding ducks, sitting, and chatting, and swimming …. We were connecting and sharing love. I know we are both grateful for that and for Mother Nature. xoxo

Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage 7.28.17 #1 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage 7.28.17 #2 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage 7.28.17 #3 Sunset Walk with Thomas Vintage 7.28.17 #4

Catching Leaves and Wind and Shadows and Speak to Me

October 23 2016:

Beautiful walk with Thomas and Lillian this afternoon. We stopped for a while and caught the leaves as the wind blew them from the trees. Pure love. xoxo

team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-1 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-2 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-3 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-4 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-5 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-6 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-7 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-8 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-9 team-tlc-walk-vintage-lake-10-23-16-10


October 25 2016:

On our windy and chilly walk this afternoon, we paused for Lillian to share her thoughts on why the wind blows ….. xoxo


Afternoon walk with Lillian today. Windy and chilly and so beautiful!! We noticed how some of the trees are almost completely bare.

The color contrasts are mesmerizing. And, not to be forgotten, we looked at and played with our shadows 55 times in 33 different locations. 😉 ….. Our walks inspire me …. xoxo

walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-1 walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-2 walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-3 walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-4 walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-5 walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-6 walk-with-lillian-10-25-16-7


October 26 2016:

Natures gifts this beautiful morning …. glorious trees. How I love thee ….. Thank you. And we’ll have more please. xoxo

nature-trees-10-26-16-1 nature-trees-10-26-16-2 nature-trees-10-26-16-3 nature-trees-10-26-16-4


October 27 2016:

More beautiful gifts from nature on my morning walk. A walk in hugely gusty winds. A walk which prompted me to say out loud, “Okay. Here I am. Speak to me.”

About 5 minutes later a young lady came up behind me as I was walking away from a spot I had been standing. She was yelling “Hello” to get my attention.

We chatted about photography, the lake and the different wildlife that visit, writing, poetry, and getting out of ones own way to create from the heart.

Turns out she’s a 15 year old student at Wooster High and is currently taking a Spoken Word Poetry class. She was so excited to be talking with me.

We were practically alone out there as the weather was shifting to heavier wind and rain. She asked if I’d come speak to their class. Of course I will!

I know I am to begin speaking more so if you ask, I’ll most likely say yes! A little bit after getting home I received an email asking if I’d be willing to be a speaker on a panel next month. Of course. Yes! Thank you and I’ll have more please. xoxo



On the morning walk …. a short video of nothing …. and everything. xoxo

Why She Enjoys Our Walks and No Television and Love and Joy

August 21 2016:

Sunset walk with Lillian tonight. She shares more of what she enjoys about our walks …. And some things she doesn’t like.

After this we talked about how the breeze feels against our skin and my skirt. We saw a nutria or muskrat. Still trying to figure out which it is.

Then, we had a ball trying to catch leaves as they blew from the trees. And last, we got to see much lightening off in the distance.

Yes. Thank you. And I’ll have more please. xoxo

And here’s Lillian’s post about our walk … “Hey, everyone! I keep seeing lightning. It is an amazing show to watch. I suggest those those of you who like watching TV, try watching a lightning show from nature. I also got to experience leaves falling all at once.” xoxoxo

walk-with-lillian-8-22-16-1 walk-with-lillian-8-22-16-2 walk-with-lillian-8-22-16-3 walk-with-lillian-8-22-16-4 walk-with-lillian-8-22-16-5


August 22 2016:

Walk in the rain with Thomas tonight. Not much rain, yet it felt so good! Thomas talks about our walks and life without a television. xoxo


August 22 2016:

Thomas and I got to experience a wonderful, cooling, refreshing, sunset walk last night. These walks pour love and joy into my heart and I treasure them. xoxo

sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-1 sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-2 sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-3 sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-4 sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-5 sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-6 sunset-walk-with-thomas-8-22-16-7