Throwback Post: Word of the Day With Fairy Spells and a Pirate Wench With Good Music and Books


October 27 2015:

Thank you Barbara Richmond Chastain for making me aware of this website! And, thank you Abbi Holtom Whitaker for sharing the idea of a word of the day to live by. Last week, I thought, “I want a word of the day suggested to me everyday so Team TLC can start incorporating this.” Not too long after I had this thought, Barbara sent me a card from this website. I LOVE LOVE!! And I love this quote and photo! xoxo

“Love is not a feeling; it is a great power, an Intelligence to which we are all heir and have been forever called.” -ANNE HILLMAN


October 27 2013:

Reading to Thomas and Lillian before bed, One game of UNO, one dance party, one Sweet Dream Fairy Spell … and I end this day grateful that I GET to do all of this! Gosh Darn, this stuff rocks! Celebrate Good Times, Come on … Let’s Celebrate … xoxo


October 27 2012:

Halloween Party 2012 ~ Camilla was a very sexy Pirate Wench! – Tele Raack

Happy. Grateful. Blessed. Peaceful. Joyful …. My play list this morning y’all! Happy Gosh Darn Saturday .. May you have a Goose Bumpy Heck of a Day!! Enjoy Yourself!!!

Books = Adventures & Happiness ….


October 27 2011:

We’re ready for the tooth fairy! Plus the other one is about to come out too!!

Don’t know why . . . I just LOVE this song . . .


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