Throwback Post: Word of the Day With Fairy Spells and a Pirate Wench With Good Music and Books


October 27 2015:

Thank you Barbara Richmond Chastain for making me aware of this website! And, thank you Abbi Holtom Whitaker for sharing the idea of a word of the day to live by. Last week, I thought, “I want a word of the day suggested to me everyday so Team TLC can start incorporating this.” Not too long after I had this thought, Barbara sent me a card from this website. I LOVE LOVE!! And I love this quote and photo! xoxo

“Love is not a feeling; it is a great power, an Intelligence to which we are all heir and have been forever called.” -ANNE HILLMAN


October 27 2013:

Reading to Thomas and Lillian before bed, One game of UNO, one dance party, one Sweet Dream Fairy Spell … and I end this day grateful that I GET to do all of this! Gosh Darn, this stuff rocks! Celebrate Good Times, Come on … Let’s Celebrate … xoxo


October 27 2012:

Halloween Party 2012 ~ Camilla was a very sexy Pirate Wench! – Tele Raack

Happy. Grateful. Blessed. Peaceful. Joyful …. My play list this morning y’all! Happy Gosh Darn Saturday .. May you have a Goose Bumpy Heck of a Day!! Enjoy Yourself!!!

Books = Adventures & Happiness ….


October 27 2011:

We’re ready for the tooth fairy! Plus the other one is about to come out too!!

Don’t know why . . . I just LOVE this song . . .


Throwback Post: Cute Tree Spreading Love While Packing an Outdoor Lunch With the Tooth Fairy


July 24 2014:

May 2014 Sunset in Reno …. Love the cute little tree basking in the Sunshine …. ♡


Today’s spreading of love … Making heart shaped shadows on the walls in the Team TLC Casa! ♡


July 24 2013:

Finishing the packing of the suitcase today for the TeamTLC Reno-to-Atlanta-to-Savannah-on-less-than-a-shoe-string-budget Adventure for the 2013 Chromosome18 Conference …. Do I take up space in the suitcase with D iz for Different books? I’m thinking all my C18 friends who want a book already have one! What y’all think conference goers?? It’s a fabulous day to pack a suitcase!


July 24 2012:

Outdoor lunch adventures with Lillian while Mr. T is at Dr. Seuss camp … Off to therapy adventures in about an hour!!


The Romano Duo have arrived!!! They’ve said “so long” to Vegas baby … they are DONE with Vegas adventures!! The Duo are here with Team TLC for 2 weeks and then off for visiting family adventures in Washington, California and Mississippi for a couple of months … We shall see where they decide to land after that ….. Y’all know where Team TLC wants them to land!!


July 24 2010:

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Tooth Fairy! YeeHawwww! (Although, Thomas didn’t understand and cried cause the tooth fairy stole his sister’s tooth right out of her mouth!!) Hahahahaha!!

Lillian being very proud of her visit from the tooth fairy! Tooth Fairy left her 5 big ones cause Lillian was so darn brave in letting her Momma get that tooth out the night before!!

Doughboy and USwirl break!! Yum!!


July 24 2009:

Last Frank Romano special in this abode! Thanks Frank! Love my step-father! At least from now on he won’t have to walk 2 houses down to deliver it!! Just down the hall!