Throwback Post: Honeysuckle Memories


July 24 2012:

I walk by Honeysuckle every time we are on a walk on the trail by our house … I LOVE the smell of Honeysuckle … it reminds me of my Mammaw Downs … Loved being at my Mammaw’s house and hanging out with my cousins. Always felt like HOME!

She had honeysuckle and blackberries in the backyard (and a big ole garden!!) I so enjoyed picking the blackberries (only half of them made it into the house) so she could make all kinds of yummy stuff with them and pulling the middle out of the honeysuckle flower to get that itty bitty bit of nectar inside of each one! Hope this brings a wave of warm precious memories to your day too!!

Throwback Post: Elnor Key Downs and Estelle Eady Mann


May 13 2012:

Happy Mother’s Day to both my Mammaws …. two fiery women …. Elnor Key Downs (photo on the left) and Estelle Eady Mann (photo on the right). Blessed to be their Grand Daughter. Even though they are no longer with us, I still hear the things they used to say to me and their treasured advise!!

Mammaw Downs and Mammaw Mann