Reuniting With Someone Special by Camilla Downs

April 7 2019:

I wrote this on February 27, 2019 … One day after my 49th birthday. This was over a month ago. I’m in a beautiful and peaceful place now, so I am simply sharing for anyone who may benefit from this writing. Rock on with ya bad selves!

Happy Birthday to Me – Reuniting With Someone Special

Just when I thought the really deep, tough stuff was all done ….

Happy Birthday to Me – Reuniting With Someone Special

A Haunting Memory by Camilla Downs

June 10 2018:

A Haunting Memory

Why does this memory haunt her? Why does it keep returning? She does not remember the exact age of when this happened. She would have been 5, 6 or 7 years old. The past couple of years when this memory surfaced she has taken the time to feel emotions she buried from that time …. sadness and anger. Even though she remembers not who was involved, she has forgiven whoever it was.

She used to ignore it. Telling herself either she imagined it or if it happened …

Alchemy: A Haunting Memory Reveals the Truth