Fully Licensed – Congratulations to Thomas

December 28 2022

It is done! Thomas passed the drive test and pre-registered to vote! 🎉🎉🎉Came home to celebrate with an unenthused Basil. 😂 Thomas will drive to school without me next semester. 🎉 Now instead of being scared to death while a passenger with Thomas, I can be worried to death while sitting at home! 😱

Throwback Post: Advent Calendar With Acting Classes While Visiting Santa


December 22 2015:

So very grateful to one of our friends who has sent us this digital advent calendar for several years now. It’s become a tradition to sit together every day to experience this beautiful calendar. Even more special taking turns opening each day in TLC order. xoxo


December 22 2011:

I WON!!! YeeeeHaaaawwww!! Early present for Team TLC!! Just got a message that I won 3 months of classes at Take 2 Performers Studio for Thomas or Lillian. I’m beside myself with gratitude! Give, give, give without respecting anything in return and you WILL receive!! WooooHoooooo!!


December 22 2010:

Seeing Santa!!!! Thomas chattin with Santa. No go for Ms Fairy Princess Lillian!!!

Throwback Post: Coincidences – Random or Destiny


January 24 2018:

Coincidences? Do you see them as signs or messages? Or just something random that happened?

On the Lillian and Camilla date day yesterday, I was only going to buy one order of parmesan, sea salt fries and share them with Lillian.

Not because I wasn’t hungry. It’s just what finances dictate at the moment. When we picked up our fries, we were told they made double the order of fries and so sorry, but the box would not close .. No worries! We’ll fix that!

We ended our date with a …

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Vegan Eats: Stuffed Butternut Squash With Apple Pie and Cinnamon Rolls

December 22 2022

Dinner tonight was delicious! Stuffed butternut squash drizzled with cashew cream.

The stuffing is basmati rice, pecans, eggplant, green peppers, and oyster mushrooms coated with a sweet, tangy tamari based sauce. I could only eat half (of my half). Very filling.

Dessert. Apple pie with whipped topping. This one is store bought and it’s actually very good. Best frozen apple pie I’ve tasted.

December 24 2022

What a treat this morning! Delicious!

Christmas 2022 Vegan Eats – Peanut Butter Pie with Pot Pie and Cheeseballs

December 24 2022

That’s the peanut butter pie ready. Looks delicious. Hope it tastes delicious!

I’ve never made this before so it’s not very pretty. Homemade pot pie for tomorrow. Hope it tastes good!

Two cheezeballs. One coated with pecans and dill, the other with pecans and red chili pepper flakes. I’m done. That was fun.

Not pictured to accompany the pot pie. Mashed potatoes and gravy. It was all so very delicious!

I like to use recipes from LovingitVegan.com as a base. Then I add my own flare.

Throwback Post: Gingerbread Dog Houses with a Parent Perspective


May 15 2016:

Team TLC bid farewell to our TLC gingerbread dog houses that have been with us for the last 5 or 6 years.

I bought these at 90% off in 2009 or 2010. Forgot about them for a year or two. Rediscovered in 2011 or 2012. The icing was no longer good. So, we used glue to put them together. Guess that turned out perfect as it preserved them!!

Last night as I was wiping the counter, two of them were “glued” to the counter top! They had begun their decent of falling apart.

So, we said our goodbyes.

Memories and fun …. xoxo


May 15 2013:

Thank you Manal Toppozada for asking me to come speak again to your undergrad med students at UNR about the “Parents Perspective’ of being parent to someone with disabilities/special needs. Looking forward to it on May 30th … Hope I get as many questions and more as last time!! From Manal: “Was wondering if you’d be interested in speaking to my UNR class again? Your presentation last semester was powerful and made a strong impression on many of the students.” Big hug to you Manal!!

Throwback Post: Let Go of It


January 19 2016:

Yesterday I let go of “The Desk” (the new term we’ve coined for my desk that’s been in storage limbo since June 2015). The Desk was handmade for me some time around 1999. I spent countless hours at that desk. The Desk witnessed many moves, life happenings, and events.

One day last week I had a strong knowing that I was to let it go. Not only that, but I knew the exact person who was to receive The Desk. I related this to a quote that had crossed my path last week –

“Make like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” – Rumi 

The Desk had become a “dead leaf” for me. I chose to …

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Throwback Post: Crochet Chain with a Breakfast Burrito


January 19 2015:

Lillian’s big Christmas gift was that I’d learn to crochet so I could teach her …. With a deadline of January 31st for beginning my learning. Finally started today. This is also a great lesson in patience.

Okay. Got the crochet chain and the single crochet basically figured out. My mammaw Mann taught me how to crochet when I was young, but I didn’t stick with it so forgot how to do it.

What I have learned for sure this time around is that Lillian will have to start with something much simpler … like just using her fingers as her motor skills aren’t ready for this! Did some searching and found an article of things to start with in teaching knitting or crocheting to a special needs child. YAY!! Took 30 minutes of searching and changing up the search query.

So we will start with winding yarn into a ball, then winding around objects and then winding around a homemade loom (what I found in the article). When she masters these we can then move to finger knitting. THEN, trying it with crochet hooks! Whew!


January 19 2013:

Best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had at Keys Cafe in South Lake Tahoe!!! YUM!!! Team member C got away for the weekend …. YAY!!! Miss Team Member T & L but this is awesome!!