The One Sock Club With Library Books

January 10 2021

Anyone else’s child a member of the one sock club? All. The. Time.

January 30 2021

First trip to the library pick up window since they reopened (for holds only). It was about a 40 minute wait = too many photos. 🤣😂 Lots of books. 📚💚📚

Therapeutic and Just Because – Coldest Swim Yet

January 25 2021

Coldest swim yet. There were two reasons for a swim in this cold, snowy weather.

#1 – Therapeutic: I did something to my lower back nearly 2 weeks ago. I hadn’t posted about it, but I ended up in the ER, with them administering morphine. Now, I’m one tough human, having a high tolerance for pain, so you can imagine how intense this was. I am finally able to move around without intense pain.

The warm water felt really good. Came home, had a hot shower, and then a hot epsom salt soak. I’m not fully healed. I think that will take some hands on work. I had loads of folks sending distance healing this past week and on Saturday, which helped a great deal. I have a craniosacral appointment next week, and desperately need therapeutic massage, as everything is so tight and achy. I’ll work on making that happen.

#2 – Just Because: I’ve never been swimming in an outdoor heated pool, surrounded by snow, in 20 degree weather. Fixed that. 🤣😂

A huge THANK YOU to my beautiful and kind son, Thomas Darnell. He stepped up and helped me with everything. I could barely move without intense pain for nearly a week, and definitely could not lift or move things. Thank you, Thomas. You are my sunshine. I love you! xoxo …

Also, thank you to The Romano Duo and Robert, as they drove to Reno from Dayton to fill our water jugs and pick up a prescription for me.

Throwback Post: Let Them Learn – Get Out of Their Way


(Photo of Thomas and Lillian from 2013)

May 20 2013:

I absolutely make sure to catch myself when I’m about to say “No” or “Don’t do that”. I’ll either say “Sure” or Go right ahead”. I feel this is one way our children can learn about cause and effect. As long as they aren’t going to get badly hurt, I let them do stuff so they LEARN!

I have more drawers and cabinets in my kitchen with “garbage” for them to play/experiment with than “typical” kitchen crap! My house is usually a mess. We have rocks all over, half made projects/experiments, trucks, cars, sparkly stuff and who knows what else.

I will sit my bottom down outside with them and watch the sunset and read a book with them before I waste that precious time pulling more weeds! (Although, Mr. T LOVES helping me pull weeds. It’s amazing how fast and healthy weeds grow even with NO water!)

We have a clean up hour (or more) every Sunday to straighten things and clean.

March 23 2021 Update – It appears this was written in response to a message I had received from someone after they read my first book, D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance”. 

I fondly remember everything mentioned in this post. I am deeply grateful to 2013 Camilla for how she chose to parent and live. As with Thomas and Lillian being 15 and 19 years old now, those times are no longer. At the time it seemed it would be like this forever. It went quick! 

Perseverance, Problem Solving and Spaghetti – Camilla on Bill Arnott’s Showcase

I’m chatting with Bill Arnott on his Author Showcase about perseverance, problem solving, role models, speaking out about what offends your heart, albums, movies, spaghetti and kayaks! Join us …

Q. What do you feel you’re best known for, Camilla?

A. It’s funny you have asked this question as I have just recently asked friends and connections what they have noticed about me and about how I solve problems. So …. I’m best known for my perseverance and being a problem solver who is able to see the situation from different angles, beyond mainstream thinking. As well as my writings, books, and nature photography, living from my heart and making intuitive decisions, being grounded by nature, and having a calming presence.

Q. (Which shines through in your positive writing.) What do you feel brought you here?

A. You and I have been playing a game of ping pong! We met in an online Facebook group for authors and bloggers. I interviewed you on my website of, you read and reviewed my book, and now I’m answering these fun questions for your Showcase! And, I’m reading Gone Viking right now and really enjoying it!

Q. (We have been dancing around in similar circles! And thanks.) Who do you consider a role model?

A. I think I’m in between role models at the moment. There are several people I admire, and am inspired by how they do business and live their lives. I have had role models in the past who inspired me, too. Perhaps it’s because I’ve pressed the “pause” button of my life, but I’m not able to name a person at the moment.

Q. (I understand; people in those roles “appear” at different times.) What’s your advice to others?

A. Live your life as you see fit, with a solid foundation of loving kindness. Speak up and speak out about what offends your heart, and try not to be concerned with what others think of you.

Q. (Oh, I like that a lot.) And what are your currently working on?

A. Currently I’m trying to take it somewhat easy. I’m just on the other side of a years long emotional and mental healing journey, while also being a single parent to two kids. I decided at the end of 2019 that 2020 would be a year of rest, relaxation, and of pressing the reset button.

I do plan on writing more books, I’m just not sure yet what they will look like. I’m beginning to think about goals for myself moving forward, and am participating in a challenge to get started with how I’d like to be of service to others with my skills and knowledge.

Q. (That sounds wonderful.) Tell us, please, what are your favourite: album, movie, and food dish?

A. Album: I seriously cannot choose a favorite album. I’m one of those people who likes to listen to music on shuffle, just to be surprised. I love 70’s and 80’s disco and rock n’ roll. Yet, I also love 50’s and 60’s rock n’ roll. On the flip side, I enjoy hard rock and some heavy metal! It absolutely depends on my mood.

Movie: It may be easier for me to name my least favorite movies! I don’t like horror/scary movies or movies with tons of violence (unless it’s based on a true story or event from history). My favorite movies are ones that inspire me, make me laugh, teach me something, or expand my awareness.

Food Dish: Spaghetti with a lovely side salad and a chunk of ciabatta bread (Now, if you ask me this next week, you may receive a completely different answer!)

Q. (Ah, a diner after my own heart!) And now for our Quirky Question. Make a choice: kayak or canoe?

A. I’m going with a kayak as I’ve been in a two person kayak exactly one time, and that was only recently! I can’t recall that I’ve ever been in a canoe.

Q. (I think of canoes more often than not as Canadiana.) Thanks Camilla, this has been fun. And I wish you continued success with your writing and Meeting the Authors.

A. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your Showcase, Bill! I had a great time!

Click the image below to see the interview on Bill’s website …

A Stunning Collection of Poems – Words of Alchemy

January 21 2021

Deep gratitude to Kim Rigby for this beautiful, heartfelt, review of Words of Alchemy. Thank you for seeing me, Kim! xoxo

“Words of Alchemy is a stunning collection of poems that appears to have been sourced directly from the soul, from that higher self that is only accessed when we are at one with ourselves.

We are guided through sections on nature, healing, parenting, gratitude and more, allowing us a deeply personal glimpse into the author’s perspective on life. Her words resonate with kindness, compassion for others and the self, and how nature can speak to us, calming the soul and renewing the mind. It’s a timely reminder when so much of the world has been locked down.

What is alchemy after all, but to see with new eyes, to appreciate a magical change in the everyday? The author gives us permission to stop and do exactly that.” – Kim Rigby

Go here to learn more about the book …

Words of Alchemy

Throwback Post: The Feedback Confirms It

(Camilla at Lake Tahoe Summer 2013)


February 5, 2013

I had myself a little ole meltdown tonight. Went to my room and closed the door. Heard Thomas and Lillian talking with each other. They came into my room and Lillian had typed in her Proloquo2Go app 3 things. 1) Take some deep breaths 2) Self-talk 3) Don’t worry, Be Happy ….

These are some of the ideas I give them for when they are feeling angry or sad. These two really are listening to me! Using my own stuff on ME! One “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Song, one “Every little things gonna be all right” song, one “Home” song, lots of Thomas hugs, and a Lillian in my lap later …. ahhhhhhhh!

It was a good release! Not just for me, for Thomas too. Mr. T was so moved by my meltdown he shared some things with me that were bothering him. He told me a fib earlier today and it was really bothering him. ONWARD!!!! Hugs and deep breaths for anyone needing them!!

What I am teaching my children is that they have a choice in how they relate to people, situations, events … reality. People, situations, and events just ARE. It is the space between the stimulus and response where we get to choose whether we will take a negative view and/or respond in an unkind manner. I am attempting to teach them to recognize that space and to know they have a choice. Ultimately what they choose will be up to them. They are each their own person.

My hope is that as they mature and encounter difficult people or situations they will have the wisdom that they get to choose their response because that’s what they saw me do when I encountered difficult situations and/or people.

For whatever reasons I am moved to share my life and my family with others. I stopped questioning why a few years ago. I often receive feedback that confirms why I am to share my life.

Someone said to me the other day that I came into her life at just the right time. She was feeling so overwhelmed and had decided to leave her marriage. After connecting with me, she released many of the things she was letting overwhelm her and changed her mind about leaving her marriage.

So I will continue to share my life. No matter those that disagree. If it helps one person, if it turns one persons life around, if it inspires one person to conquer fears, if it enriches the lives of others …. My reason for being here is fulfilled.

(Camilla at Lake Tahoe Summer 2013 – PS … Lake Tahoe water is freezing cold!)

**March 2021 Update – This was before I learned the concept of emotional connection, making sure to allow oneself to physically feel and experience emotions. So my views on it, and what I modeled to Thomas and Lillian shifted once I learned how important it is in furthering one’s growth, and mental/emotional health. The person I mention in the next to last paragraph … She continued to move forward and is happily married to that same person.

Shenanigans of the Insurance Variety

January 2 2021

Mental Health and insurance shenanigans – I spent two days last week, with another full day the week before, trying to get an appointment(s) set for Thomas for 3 different issues. 1) Mental/Emotional Health 2) IQ Test (to apply for a local school) and 3) Autism Screening.

It would be helpful if all of these could be done with the same person (psychologist), and/or the same time. Nope. First, finding someone who takes Thomas’s insurance. The IQ test is not covered unless it’s done with the autism screening. The IQ test needs to be done by end of February. Those who take his insurance for autism screening are scheduled out 6 months to TWO YEARS! Quotes for IQ test: $525 – $650. 🤯🤯🤯

I probably sent about 20 emails and placed a handful or two of phone calls. Lots of responses of not taking the insurance, and then if they do, they are booked way into the future, or they don’t see his age group. I got on a waiting list for a mental/emotional health appointment that’s only 2 months out. Waiting for a call back to set an appointment for August for the autism screening. Waiting for an email response to set an appointment for the IQ testing for this month. Each. One. With. A. Different. Person.

Fortunately, I’ve had about 19 years of experience advocating for Lillian, and I’m grateful that we do have access and options. I’m up for it, and I can handle it. Honestly, I think I’m kinda weird in that when I keep hitting dead ends, it fires me up even more, and I WILL find a solution. I be like, don’t get in my way now. I’m doing this! Hahahaha!

I just feel sad for people who can’t figure this maze of sh** out, or who have no one to advocate for them, or who need mental/emotional health help ASAP, but aren’t in a state of crisis! 💔💔💔 (A photo of something beautiful to balance this post … HA!)

February 2021 Update – I put Thomas on two waiting lists that were about 2 months long. We should be just about there with the wait. We decided not to apply to the school so we didn’t need the IQ test right away, so we’re set for August for the autism screening with IQ test. Whew! 

One Year Homeversary for Team TLC

January 2 2021

It’s our one year Homeversary!

The clouds and sky made a pretty show for us yesterday at sunset. Getting into this place one year ago, coupled with becoming a host home provider for Lillian in February 2020, meant the world to my emotional and physical health.

November 2019 was the tipping point for me, and I’m deeply blessed and grateful to everyone who helped us along the way the previous ten years. Because of these two events I was able to take 2020 as a year of rest and reset.

My body, mind, and heart were wasted after about 13 years of focusing on healing, with struggling financially. I am feeling so much better! Hallelujah!!!! I’m ready to rejoin society! 🤣😂 … As soon as society is able to reopen! 😂🤣 … Oceans of love to all of you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Projector With a Spleen Authority – Human Design

December 27 2020

Been exploring this all afternoon. Mainly for Thomas. I’ll explore mine and Lillian’s after I’m finished with his. Deeply interesting, and fun! If you’re familiar with Human Design, what’s yours?

Thomas: Projector with a 4/6 profile and Spleen Authority.

Lillian: Manifesting Generator with a 6/2 profile and Emotions Authority.

Camilla: Generator with a 2/5 profile and Emotions Authority.

If you’re familiar with Human Design, and familiar with us, what do you think? Sound like us?

I spent almost 2 days putting together a report for Thomas, with all of his information. Whew!