Throwback Post: First Aid Kit With Sunset and Dancing Parties


October 4 2013:

Thank goodness for the first aid kit in the car! The brake light thingey let loose on the freeway while driving Thomas and Lillian to school this morning. It was just dangling by one little ole wire! Gave it some first aid when I got to the school. Now to figure out how the heck this thing was attached! The tape did it’s job til I made it home. Anyone know about these things? I don’t see how it was attached! Suppose I could always duct tape it! HA!

Beautiful sunset show from last Sunday night! Pure yumminess for the heart and soul!

Dishes washed, one Team TLC rockin our bottoms dance party and now we are ready for movie night! Wahooooo!


October 4 2012:

Never mind all the construction y’all!!! Get on over to Kona for a warm and cozy place to meet or work while enjoying yummy food and coffee!!! So nice to meet you face to face Yvette!!!! What lovely conversation we had!!!

Thank you Jamie Cooke for such a fun and fabulous celebration at your business. WOW!!! Loved being there!!! Great live band and yummy Pinot Noir!!!! Love you beautiful lady!!!!


October 4 2009:

At school being entertained by the magician & bday party at home.

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