Conquering Fears and Treating Yourself – Lillian Darnell

June 29 2022

Lillian stepped into a fear this afternoon, being incredibly brave. Go Lillian!! She treated herself to fries, and a visit to a huge furniture/electronics/appliance store for inspiration and reminiscing.

Reminiscing in a furniture store? Sure. During those years I didn’t have the money to spend on our date days, we would come here, spending an hour or two enjoying the nice designs and arrangements, taking lots of photos.

Lillian really likes this lamp in the photo. Very sparkly and shiny!

I Did It! – Celebration Time

June 25 2022

I just paid off the last of the debt incurred during the 8 years of financial struggling we went through. 🎉🎉 The financial struggles finally came to an end in the beginning of 2020.

I look back at myself during those times, living with heaviness like a storm cloud that never dissipates, with awe and appreciation for how I managed.

It all began in 2006, with a separation, followed by divorce in 2007. Absolutely everything was in my name, as the person I married had poor credit. I had excellent credit. I paid for things as long as I could, using all savings, all retirement money, giving my car back to the bank, until I had to ….

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