Throwback Post: Open My Mind


July 22 2015:

Gonna Open my Mind this morning and do something I’ve never done before. Time for a reinless riding lesson with Barbara Richmond Chastain at her wonderful property. This is part of the experential ConneXion Workshop I attended with the horses a couple of months ago, facilitated by Barbara. I’ve only been on a horse ONE time. These are pictures from the property. Spreading love … xoxo

Did it!! I’ve only been on a horse one time … In high school. (Don’t you love my socks and shoes!! My boots are in storage so had to wear what I had!!) The only other time I was around a horse, in around 1998, a stalled horse I walked by, bit the holy heck out of my arm! Had a gigantic bruise for weeks! I connected with and befriended some fears this morning and it was beautiful and peaceful. Thanks Barbara Richmond Chastain!! Always enjoy being with you and on your property! So beautiful!!

Thomas went with me this morning and he got to ride Buttercup for a few minutes. He was so happy!! He misses Meg and Buttercup and Mrs. Barbara.

Conquering Fears and Treating Yourself – Lillian Darnell

June 29 2022

Lillian stepped into a fear this afternoon, being incredibly brave. Go Lillian!! She treated herself to fries, and a visit to a huge furniture/electronics/appliance store for inspiration and reminiscing.

Reminiscing in a furniture store? Sure. During those years I didn’t have the money to spend on our date days, we would come here, spending an hour or two enjoying the nice designs and arrangements, taking lots of photos.

Lillian really likes this lamp in the photo. Very sparkly and shiny!

I Felt Much Braver and Not Scared

December 23 2018:

Lillian is at The Romano Duo’s House again this weekend. Yes!!!!

For anyone who doesn’t know: Lillian has a fear of taking showers. She’s always had baths.

About a month ago, she spent a couple of days at The Romano Duo’s place (my Mom and step-father, Frank).

They have a big, walk-in shower and it was perfect for Lillian to “walk” into that fear!! Yay!!! At 17 years old, she’s conquered that one!! 🧚🏼‍♂️🎉🎉🎉🧚🏼‍♂️

Another Fear Walked Into – The Shower

November 17 2018:

She took a shower last night! At 17 years old, she finally leaned into her worries and fears of taking a shower. Yes! A wonderful and new first for Lillian with a bit of help from grandma Patty!

(Photo from September 2016 – Another first of “getting air” for a photo)

Thank goodness that in The Romano Duo’s new place, they’ve got one of those extra large walk in showers. Lots of room to stay away from the wrath of the shower head! HA! YAY Lillian!!

Shared with Lillian’s permission. 🎉🤩😍🎉