Throwback Post: Movie Night: Beyond Tomorrow


December 23 2015:

Off to drive around and look at Christmas lights.

But, first we had another extra Team TLC movie night … “Beyond Tomorrow”

I love how this one begins, yet not so much after that. And has some good scenes. “No one is a stranger on Christmas Eve” and “Sometimes you have to travel to the darkness alone to get to the light.”

Lillian says, “Romantic, Christmasy, good, emotional, funny, awesome, and amazing.”

Thomas says, “Seasonal and I really like it.”


December 23 2014:

Team TLC Christmas movie marathon continues.

“Sometimes we have to go to the darkness alone before we can see the light.” “When everything was taken away except my life, I learned that the way to be really happy was to serve others, to be needed.”

I LOVE that Thomas enjoys watching these old movies with me!

Throwback Post: Movie Night: Barbie’s A Christmas Carol


December 22 2015:

Extra Team TLC movie night – “Barbie’s A Christmas Carol”

I’m not a fan of the “perfectness” of Barbie or the movies. Yet, I am a fan of Lillian .

And the overall message. “Keep the beauty of Christmas in your heart all year.”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, funny, Christmasy, awesome, good moral, good theme, and beautifully colorful.”

Thomas says, “What Lillian says.”

Throwback Post: Movie Night: Silent Shorts and Radio City 75th Spectacular


December 22 2013:

Bonus movie night … Pre-movie … Last of the silent shorts from the early 1900’s!

Team TLC Bonus Movie …. Radio City 75th Christmas Spectacular. Thomas and Lillian are absolutely loving this! Wish we’d have been with you Susan Moran to see it live this weekend. I wanted to be a Rockette back in the days when I was a Tarponette at Oaklawn Jr High!

Movie Night: Matrix Resurrections

November 19 2022

Movie night last night. Thomas’s choice.

Matrix Resurrection

Thomas didn’t like it. He says the story didn’t make sense. I like the actors, but I agree with Thomas. The editing also seemed sloppy.

I mean, there were portions that made sense, but too many gaps. It’s like the creation of the story line was rushed.