Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla September 2012 Date Day


September 22 2012:

Date day adventures with Thomas … Gosh!! What a Super Saturday!!!!!

First stop on our date day adventures … Lunch in the park … Thomas quotes Louis Armstrong and says, “It’s a Wonderful World”

Next stop …. Mmmmmmm … Gosh, it’s a great day for going to the beach and havin some frozen yogurt. Thomas says, “I love you!”

Last stop …. Pretending like we’re furniture and electronic shopping …. Gosh! It’s a great day for pretending!! … Plus we saw the biggest and scariest spider EVER!!

Thomas and Camilla September 2016 Date Day

October 4 2016:

Thomas and Camilla September 2016 Date Day … a wee bit late! An after dinner walk in our favorite place (Damonte Ranch Park) and then dessert.

We experienced THE MOST amazing banana split I’ve ever tasted at SouthCreek Pizza. Banana, two scoops chocolate gelato, one scoop vanilla bean gelato, topped with Mike’s Hot Honey.

I absolutely loved the spiciness in the honey combined with all the sweet. Thomas kinda liked it. He licked the bowl. Now we must go back and try one of their pizzas!!! Yum!!

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