Throwback Post: 50 Days 500 Questions


October 4 2013:

Thomas’ observations last night during our before bed chat ritual where we talk about whatever he wants …. “I ask you at least 10 questions a day, probably more. In 50 days that’s 500 questions!”

Yes, Thomas, I agree. And he stumps me at least once a day with his questions! I also told him that sounds like a great book title, “50 Days, 500 Questions”!

Throwback Post: First Aid Kit With Sunset and Dancing Parties


October 4 2013:

Thank goodness for the first aid kit in the car! The brake light thingey let loose on the freeway while driving Thomas and Lillian to school this morning. It was just dangling by one little ole wire! Gave it some first aid when I got to the school. Now to figure out how the heck this thing was attached! The tape did it’s job til I made it home. Anyone know about these things? I don’t see how it was attached! Suppose I could always duct tape it! HA!

Beautiful sunset show from last Sunday night! Pure yumminess for the heart and soul!

Dishes washed, one Team TLC rockin our bottoms dance party and now we are ready for movie night! Wahooooo!


October 4 2012:

Never mind all the construction y’all!!! Get on over to Kona for a warm and cozy place to meet or work while enjoying yummy food and coffee!!! So nice to meet you face to face Yvette!!!! What lovely conversation we had!!!

Thank you Jamie Cooke for such a fun and fabulous celebration at your business. WOW!!! Loved being there!!! Great live band and yummy Pinot Noir!!!! Love you beautiful lady!!!!


October 4 2009:

At school being entertained by the magician & bday party at home.

Throwback Post: Blessed Times So Many Millions


October 3 2013:

Thomas asked me earlier what time I went to bed last night. I told him and we went about our business. A little bit later he came over and helped me wash the dishes and then cleaned the stove and told me he wanted to help so I could go to bed earlier.

I am blessed times 500 million and beyond that I get to be this little person’s Mama!! xoxo

Throwback Post: Sibshops With Birthdays and Library Days


October 3 2015:

Sibshop time for Thomas! Super big plus: Don Meyer is facilitating this one as it’s a demonstration Sibshop. I went through Sibshop training with Don facilitating a few years ago at UNR. I know Thomas is having a ball! He was sitting next to Don when I left. Oceans of gratitude to Diana Beeghly Rovetti and Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities for putting this together. This is Thomas’ 4th one and he loves being a part of them!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Momma, Patty!! Being your daughter is one of my greatest treasures and one of my biggest opportunities for learning and growing. Love, Love, Love YOU! Hope you and Frank are having FUN!!! We miss having y’all just around the corner!! xoxo

Extra cool library day! We went to a library we’ve never visited!! So awesome, beautiful view, and we didn’t even get to look through all the books and movies. The lighting or something inside made Lillian sick to her stomach. Had to go really fast! She felt better once we got outside and headed home. We’ll have to go back and try again!


October 3 2012:

I am in awe of the things that happen when we reach a point in our growth where we finally open ourselves to receiving the good that we deserve and that is already ours!!! Keep on keeping on y’all … it’s worth it and YOU are worth it!!


You are a special woman like no other … I thank you with all my soul and being for ALWAYS being there for me and doing the best darn job you could in raising me! I LOVE YOU!!! Love, Camilla

Adventures in Happiness and Gratitude … Thomas and I are making Sicilian meatloaf, listening to jazz and blues …. Just simply enjoying life ….


October 3 2010:

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Momma, Happy Birthday to You, And Many Moreeee!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my Momma’s Bday, Patty Romano. I’m truly blessed that you are my Mom and more grateful than I can even express for all your support and wisdom throughout my life and especially these past 4 years! Love you!

Chili with No Television and Chickens While Being Inspired


October 2 2014:

Spending the day with the middle schoolers in Davis Peak today! Social studies this morning and gardening this afternoon … COOL! Shared with the students we haven’t had television since 2008. One asks, “How do you survive?” My response, “Look at me. Do I look deprived and sad or do I look happy and joyful?” Another asked if my kids missed it. No, they don’t. We read together, talk, go for walks and we do use our computers also … and have movie night every weekend with the MacBook and the laptop. I love getting to share different perspectives with these awesome young people!


And then I came home for lunch and had this yumminess! Spicy vegetarian 2 bean chili with a scoop of creme fraiche. So good that I had 2 servings! YAY me!

This afternoon was gardening with some of the middle schoolers at HDMS. I had a 15-20 minute conversation with the young man who is in charge of the chickens. He’s been raising chickens since he was 2 and has about 50 of them currently! The culinary class uses the eggs .. so cool! I was so impressed I’m interviewing him on my blog. Stay tuned for an informative post about vegetarian fed, caged, how sunlight affects the chicken and eggs and much more! The girls in the class are building a green house! They’re almost done!


October 2 2013:

She stood alone listening to the woman with the microphone talk of how she was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through chemo, lost her hair, had a mastectomy, and reconstructive breast surgery. She had just finished telling me she’s going in for her 5th round of chemo tomorrow as her tumors had returned … all with a smile. A vibrant woman, living in the moment so as not to add stress to her system, eating healthy, listening to her body. A woman doing wonderful things and educating so many.

I wanted to go put my arm around her and another beautiful soul was thinking the same thing. When the amazing woman was done speaking, tears were streaming down this woman’s face who no longer stood alone. I grabbed a napkin and gave it to her … I wanted to let her know I was there with love and kindness …. My eyes are sweating like crazy now …

Thinking of this, reading about my friend Alisha’s hardships with her beautiful daughters complex medical issues and the medical bills, and how little Phoebe (Praying for Phoebe Fair) is now sleeping 95% of the time and not doing good at all. I am flooded with two opposite emotions …. Being so very grateful for so many things and having my heart ache for my friends … I’m flooding myself with LOVE and sending to these friends and anyone else who needs it … Whew! Where’s the tissue box? xoxoxo

October 2 2011:

Just attended the MOST interesting party! A Fairy/Halloween combo party complete with a parade, a home made Halloween movie, home made Yoga and dancing which included the awesome Hokey Pokey!!! WooooHooooo!!! Now that’s a Team TLC adventure!


October 2 2009:

Check this out! Was in the Apple store buying Lillian’s iPhone, telling the young dude helpin me out, that I was installing the AAC App on it for Lillian & this would be her phone. He says, “You know the guy who created that app lives here, up at the Lake?” Uh, HOLY COW! Said he’d been in their store a few times showing them the app before it was realeased. I will be treating this awesome person to coffee or lunch as soon as I can connect with him. Another sign? I think so!


Throwback Post: Life Story


October 1 2013:

Just about every night when I tuck Lillian into bed she wants to hear a “Life Story” from me. I share little nuggets about whatever comes to mind from my childhood.

Tonight I shared how my best friend from Oaklawn Jr High, Lillie Powell Salsberry, and I would sometimes go to the mall and hang out all day. We’d make a schedule of all the shops we wanted to visit.

Including the arcade, the card shop (Hallmark), lunch, maybe a movie, and the music store. Explained how we would look at all the new records and albums. Oh wait! What are those? HA! Had to describe them and what a record player is.

She says, “Oh, I’ve heard of those.” Hahaha!!! Lillie’s spitfire of a Mama absolutely hated us doing this! We were in Jr High though and we knew what the heck we were doing! HA! I loved thinking about this memory tonight!

Thank you Lillian for not letting me get away with skipping the “Life Story” ritual … I’m remembering things I haven’t thought about in years … and it’s fun …. xoxoxo

Throwback Post: Spa Day With an Outhouse Race Adventure While Eating Donuts


October 1 2015:

Today was the day. That was wonderful. Loved the Caldarium! I hung out in the Secret Garden in the corner of the Caldarium before and after the wonderful massage. Had my own little hideout and even fell asleep for a little bit. Love that the cold plunge pool, indoor pool, and hot tub are salt water. Felt soooooooo good!!!Would love to come here again one day. So yummy!!

And since you get use of the spa all day, I went back for an hour tonight after picking Thomas up from school, feeding them dinner, reading to them, tickling them, and telling them a life story. More cold plunge, swimming, hot tubbing, and this time I experienced the steam room. WOW! That was so relaxing! Going to bed so grateful and blessed that I got to experience this!


October 1 2012:

Making their own lunch adventures for Thomas and Lillian!!!! Go Team Member T & L Go!!!


October 1 2011:

Here we come Team TLC adventure!!

Outhouse Race adventures!!!

Donut and cream cheese bar adventures!!!

Throwback Post: Best Sauce Ever and Great Teacher


September 30 2013:

I made the spaghettI sauce with Kymberlee’s awesome maters last night for dinner. Thomas and I loved it! We ate every last piece of spaghetti noodles. Still have sauce so we get to have more later this week! YUM!

Thomas says “You may not be the greatest cook but you make the best sauce ever!” Lillian adds,”You may not be the best bed maker, but you are a great teacher!” I’ll take that! Love those two up!