What is That Noise? – Introduction to the Busy Signal

January 1 2022

I had Thomas call and order his pizza tonight; which he did on speakerphone.

He got a busy signal. He asks me what that noise is!! What is a busy signal? If you stay on the phone will the call go through eventually? Nah. You hang up and keep calling until it goes through. He says he didn’t want them to think he was spam calling. Well, that’s not how it works with that type of phone line.

Doing my duty to expose Thomas to the archaic ways of the past. As easy as calling a business that’s low tech, with only one line. 😂😜🤣 (Photo from Pexels)

Happy New Year 2022 from Team TLC

December 31 2021

Sparkling pink lemonade for Team TLC.

We count down on New York time, as it’s nearly my bedtime. 🤣 Sending loads of love to all. ❤️❤️❤️
We ate much good food, played UNO, and watched the ball drop. Then listened to two of my favorite songs … “Watching the Wheels” and “Imagine”.

My end of 2021 vibes were drawn to this writing from December 31, 2018.

The Ride of Life
No longer riding on the merry go round,
She celebrates whenever she wants,
She laughs when it’s funny,
And sometimes when it’s not funny,
She cries when the tears want to flow,
She eats breakfast for dinner,
She dances in the aisles,
She hands out hugs
Like Halloween candy,
She hugs the trees,
She meets her edge,
She stays with the experiences of life,
She lives.
And so it is.

**With a 2021 note. And she’s tired, damn tired.

Record Breaking Snowfall Inside Our House With a Swim

December 27 2021

Apparently we had record breaking snowfall yesterday and today (broke the 1970 record). Can confirm. It even snowed inside my house! I’ve never had that happen before. The door was closed and locked all night. No one came in or went out.

December 29 2021

At some point in my life, I may tire of the 3 or 4 months of cold weather. For now, I’m enjoying the heck out of it, along with the opportunity to swim and hot tub in it. I feel blessed and grateful.

Top 10 Blogs Posts for 2021 – Camilla Downs

January 1 2022

(November 2021 – Galena Forest)

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