Team TLC 2021 Valentine’s Day

February 14 2021

Happy Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever loves. Love you, Thomas and Lillian, forever and ever, always and always …. 💖💖💖 … I made each of them a heart shaped crystal sun catcher (with crystal beads). Sending oceans of love to all of you, too … 💜💜💜

Thank you to The Romano Duo for delivering Valentine’s Day gifts, too! Hyacinths and an adorable red monkey for me. I was today years old when I learned how much I needed a fluffy red monkey. A beautiful plant for Thomas, and a rose plant for Lillian. Thank you Romano Duo!! 💚💚💚

Throwback Post: A Potential New Team TLC Casa


September 20 2013:

How’s this for the view for the potential new Team TLC Casa? Similar view we have now …. tad different angle. About 5 minutes from here and a little closer to the freeway! Just looked at it a few days ago and the beautiful owner’s sister bought one of my books when we met her to look at it, they’ve offered to lower the rent by $60/month without me asking and when I looked at it again today without T & L so I could concentrate, I drove off with a new cool jacket she felt compelled to give me! I’m so HappY with me when I allow myself to receive with the knowing that I deserve it!

March 26 2021 Update: We did not end up getting this place. I can’t remember exactly why. But, I think I waited a tad too long to let them know and they rented it to someone else. It was a very cool experience, though!

New Story from Lillian Darnell – Two Female Unicorns

February 11 2021

Another new story from Lillian Darnell … xoxo

Once there were two female unicorns named Rosa and Beth who lived in a land called RainbowTopia. The two female unicorns lived with their family and the family all thought all was well or so they thought …

Magical Unicorns In Love

A Different Walk With Wonderful Socks and Shoes

February 9 2021

From the walk this afternoon. I’ve been staying home for walks, while I built back to 30 minutes, and tested the new shoes (love them, by the way). I’m hoping to have a different walk by Friday, or some time next week. 💙🤍🤍🤍💙

February 13 2021

Wonderful walk yesterday. I’m loving my new socks and shoes, and deeply grateful my back has almost completely healed. 💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍

New Story from Lillian Darnell – Once in a Faraway Land

February 9 2021

A beautiful new story from Lillian Darnell … xoxo

Once in a faraway land lived two girls who were best friends. They did everything together including swimming and reading together. Their names were Anna and Hazel. They knew they would be best friends for life but little did Anna and Hazel know …

Anna and Hazel’s Love Story

Movie Night: Fisherman’s Friends

February 6 2021

Movie night for me – “Fisherman’s Friends”

This has been on my list for a while, as one of the authors I interviewed had just watched it, and enjoyed it.

Beautiful movie loosely based on the real Fisherman’s Friends of Port Isaac. Happy I finally watched it. 💙💙💙 … Here’s their website ..

Conscious Socks With Neon Shoes from The Netherlands With Rock Love

February 5 2021

It’s been ages since I bought myself new socks. Finally got the ones I ordered last week. Socks with a conscious! Yes!💥❤️🧡💙💚💜🖤🤍🤎💛💥

February 5 2021

I finally got the new shoes I ordered nearly a month ago. I didn’t realize they were coming from The Netherlands. 😂🤣😂 I also didn’t realize they were neon. Wow! I’ve time traveled back to the 80’s! Now, if I could just have my 80’s body please.

Wore them for my first full 30 minute walk since my back flipped out 3 weeks ago. I started back at 10 minute walks.

Nature made sure to give me a message along the way. 🤍🤍🤍

Snow Globe While Playing the Keyboard On a Balance Stool

January 26 2021

We were in a snow globe this morning …

January 31 2021

Thank you, Gerry Foster McCarroll!! Thomas is ready for his private piano lessons beginning tomorrow! We used to have one of these for many years, passing it on when we moved last year.

Thomas got a new midi keyboard Christmas 2019. With online lessons we needed a non midi keyboard. Friends to the rescue. I love the idea of passing things around to each other, instead of always buying brand new (when it works).

February 4 2021

In my mission to hopefully help my back to never do what it did 3 weeks ago, a new desk chair. It’s an adjustable ergonomic active balance stool.

I don’t have a desk yet, I’ll get that next month. I can use this at the kitchen table or the makeshift desk I made using a keyboard stand and piece of wood. I’ve been sitting on the couch working on my laptop for longer than I care to admit. Time to get my rear off the couch. 💥💥💥