Throwback Post: Brisk Thoughts of Gratitude for Love


November 3 2013:

Brisk and cloudy sunset walk with Thomas ….. Just feels GOOD …. LOVE …


November 3 2012:

Kimberly Phipps-Nichol …. Today I am grateful that you and I met in 2007 and became friends. I am thankful for you and our beautiful friendship. As we count down the one week left before you make your move to Houston, please know I feel so awesomely blessed for our closeness. I will miss you dearly …. Yet, I know this will be an amazing part of your journey and an exciting adventure!!! I TREASURE the connection we have my sweet friend … See you in a few hours for your going away party!!! (Picture from December 2011)


November 3 2011:

Today I am thankful for the love that Thomas and Lillian have for one another . . .

Movie Night: Fahrenheit 451

October 24 2020

Movie Night for me and Thomas – My choice: “Fahrenheit 451” (1966 version)

I recently read Ray Bradbury’s, The Zen of Writing. He wrote about how the book, Fahrenheit 451 came to be, mentioning that a movie was made.

When I searched for it, I found this one and a more recent production (will be watching that one soon, too). I couldn’t find this streaming online, but to my delight, the library had it! This particular DVD has many bonuses. One of which is an interview with Bradbury! Very cool!!

Thomas says, “It was good.”

A New Phone After Eleven Years – Lillian Darnell

October 24 2020

It’s been 11 years since she had a brand new phone. Enjoy the new phone, Lillian!!! Love the sparkly red glitter cover she chose.

Thank you to all of the amazing friends and family who donated their old iPhones to us throughout these years. We appreciate your kindness more than can be expressed. Thomas and I are still on donated phones. I use things til they die or fall apart!! Ha!!

Where Mindfulness Meets Artistic Creation

October 21 2020

Thank you to Nancy of The Writing Life Podcast! We talked about the role of mindfulness in artistic creation and the connection between art and nature. May something I’ve shared resonate. xoxo

Thomas and Camilla October 2020 Date Day

October 20 2020

Thomas and Camilla October 2020 Date Day

First: House of Mexica for lunch. I absolutely love this place!! They are an all vegan restaurant and have a huge menu.

I had 3 Hibiscus tacos with a side of asada fries that we both shared. Washed down with Jaimaca. Everything was perfection!!! Who knew dried hibiscus flowers mimicked shredded meat when sautéed? 😋😋😋

Thomas had the bacon lord burger, washed down with Horchata.

Second stop: A walk around Bartley Ranch