Throwback Post: Movie Night: The Incredible Mr. Limpet


August 10 2013:

Team TLC movie night! This one’s utter nonsense! We love it …. strange voices coming from the ocean … HA!

I get most of them from our local libraries!! Every once in a while I use Amazon Movies on Demand and look for a movie for $2.99 or less. I LOVE sleuthing through the movies at the library and finding such cool, fun, and inspiring movies for us to watch. Up til now I haven’t gone past a “G” rating. Not ready for them to move up to “PG” yet .

Movie Night: The Secret Garden

November 7 2020

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “The Secret Garden” – the original 1949 version

Lillian says, “Like the story, favorite character is Mary, like the background music, and a favorite story ever since I was a young girl.”

We’ve seen a couple of versions, but had never seen the original. I think this one is my favorite. Love Margaret O’Brien! A true testament to the healing power of nature and love. ❤️❤️❤️

Thomas says, “It was good.”

Movie Night: Kiki’s Delivery Service

October 25 2020

Team TLC Extra Movie Night – “Kiki’s Delivery Service” …. This has turned into an October tradition. We’ve seen it many times.

Lillian says, “Good, good for Halloween or any other time, favorite character is Kiki, and I like the background music.”

Thomas says, “It’s my second favorite Studio Gibli movie. Totoro is my favorite.”

Movie Night: Black Panther

September 26 2020

Last night was an extra movie night for me, with Thomas joining. We’ve already seen this, but I’m watching all of Chadwick Boseman’s movies.

I also wanted to see this again after the research, reading, listening, and watching I’ve been doing since May, and continue to do. I’m glad I did as I received it differently this time around.

Movie Night: A Wrinkle in Time

August 15 2020

Team TLC Movie Night – Lillian’s choice: “A Wrinkle in Time” (2018 version)

Lillian says, “Good, amazing, liked the music, and my favorite character is Meg.”

I say, “It was okay. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the 2003 version, yet, I think I like that one better. It seemed to have more depth. I liked the actors and actresses in this one, though.”

Thomas says, “It was alright. Like the 2003 version better.”

Movie Night: Flubber

July 25 2020

Team TLC Movie Night: Lillian’s choice – “Flubber”

Lillian says, “Good, 100% recommend, good laugh out loud movie, favorite characters are Sarah and the Professor.”

I say, “Well. I’m more fond of the original, The Absent Minded Professor. But, I sure love Robin Williams. And, miss him.”

Thomas says, “It was good.”