Movie Night: Scrooge

December 23 2017

Team TLC + The Romano Duo Movie Night – My choice: “A Christmas Carol” – 1951 Alastair Sim version

I say, “A favorite at this time of year – A message to carry throughout all of time.”

Lillian says, “Good, Christmassy, 100% recommended, suggest you read the book first, and my favorite part is the end.”

Thomas says, “I like it and it’s a good movie. I like watching it every year and it was more fun with The Romano Duo.”

Scrooge Movie 12.23.17

Movie Night: Holiday Inn

December 20 2017:

Team TLC extra movie night: “Holiday Inn”

Thomas says, “I like the music and its a good story.”

Lillian says, “Good holiday movie, musical, 100 % recommended, and suspenseful.”

I say, “Another I love watching with Thomas and Lillian.”

Holiday Inn Movie 2017

Movie Night: Holiday

August 12 2017:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’ choice: “Holiday”

Thomas says, “It was good! I liked the concept.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the end, awesome, and fantastic.”

I say, “What a fun and spot on movie about not conforming and following ones heart. Perfect timing for choosing this one Thomas!”

Holiday Movie 8.12.17