Throwback Post: When We Are Happy and Kind


September 26 2012:

That moment when your six year old son finally understands all the things you have been telling him about happiness … That moment when …. that moment when time stands still …. That moment is when you acknowledge to yourself that YOU are the one that helped him understand and to turn his thoughts around.

For the past few weeks Thomas has been struggling in school. He loves the school, loves the playground and generally liked being there. But, every morning for the past few weeks he’s been unhappy with going to school. Says he doesn’t want to go, there’s nothing to do, it’s no fun, so and so isn’t being kind to him, the teacher won’t answer his questions. After I did some investigation, listening and chatting with the teacher, I came to the conclusion that this was coming from Thomas’ thinking. He had decided to be unhappy with his lessons in school, unhappy being there … just unhappy about the whole thing. He kept saying he was unhappy and it was no fun. I have been kindly and gently discussing with him that the way he is thinking about his day before he even gets there is why he is not happy. He is putting off an unhappy energy and being grumpy. I told him it is his choice whether he has a good day or a bad day at school.

Before I dropped him off this morning he told me that yesterday, he was happy and kind with everyone in his classroom. He said, that’s how it works right? When we are happy and kind, the people around us are too. I told him “You got that right!”. It starts with YOU first. Once we decide to be happy and be kind, it spreads to those around us and …… Then …. it comes back to us! I told him how proud I was of him for figuring it out!

This morning he got out of the car happy and smiling …. That moment when …. That moment when you are filled with so much joy that your eyes begin to sweat as your drive off …. That Moment!

Throwback Post: My Happiness and All Answers Are Within Me


November 5 2013:

The timing of reading and learning is always perfect … Just re-read my friend Bobby J Bryant’s book and was moved to write this blog post.

“My happiness and all answers I seek are completely and totally within me. It does not come from the outside. Happiness does not come from.” Right on Bobby!!

Live and love like there’s no tomorrow … xoxo

Inspired Living: Inner Happiness Revealed


Throwback Post: You Have Everything Within You


December 19 2012:

A friend said to me once, “You have everything within you to be fulfilled and to have HappYness. It is within you. Being fulfilled and happy has nothing to do with outside circumstances or other people. Go within to find it.” Trust me y’all, I know this is hard work. But it is so worth it to reap the rewards of being peaceful and content no matter what is happening outside of you. Big ole warm hugs!

**March 5 2023 Update** – Cringe! I started not to even post this. (I’ve got 37 pages of draft posts to get through, and I come across cringe worthy stuff!) But I wanted to save the reminder of where I was, how I got there, and where I am now. 

Throwback Post: Still Sane With a Package of Happiness


August 4 2012:

My Chromosome 18 Family (and all parents of kids with special needs) will love, appreciate and GET this ….. My Mom, Patty Romano, just said to me, “I don’t know how you are still sane?”

My response, “You think I’m still sane?” Hahahahaha!!! I’m kinda crazy like that … Join em in their World or not … our choice ….

(Here’s a picture of Team TLC receiving our package of Happiness yesterday from the 9 Nanas!!)

Richest Man in the World

“I’m the richest man in the World because I’m so happy. You are the best Mom in the World. Lillian is the best Sister in the World. I hope everybody in the World is this rich and finds the happiness that’s in them.” -Thomas says with “sweat” in his eyes …. Gosh, this kid makes my heart dance, my eyes sweat and inspires me so much I tingle! WOW! 

Happiness Journal for Camilla: Week of May 13 2012

May 16, 2012, Wednesday, Happiness is:

Quiet time outside.
Thomas having a good day at school.
Smiles and hugs from friends.
eWomenNetwork Dinner Events.
Yummy food.
Thomas and Lillian’s LOVE of reading.
Everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm about my book!

May 17, 2012, Thursday, Happiness is:

Dorinda’s Chocolates.
Kind gestures.
Ripple effect of positiveness shared with others.
Nevada rain.
Hearing Lillian say “I Love You” at bed time.
My comfortable bed.

May 18, 2012, Friday, Happiness is:

Watching Thomas play in the park with his friends.
Being able to take Thomas for a haircut.
Buying food.
Treating Team TLC to pizza.
Quiet time outside with Lillian.
Walking outside and seeing Thomas and Lillian siting next to each other with pencil and notebook in had writing poems.
Listening to music.

May 19, 2012, Saturday, Happiness is:

Saturday breakfast of eggs and bacon with Thomas and Lillian.
Lazy days.
Thomas and Lillian playing kindly together.
Virginia Foothills Park with Thomas and Lillian.
Cooking hot dogs on the grill.
Eating hot dogs and french fries with Thomas and Lilian.
Movie night with Thomas and Lillian.
Eating hot buttered popcorn with Thomas.
Good surprises!
Receiving my first bulk order of D iz for Different!

Happiness Journal for Camilla: Week of April 8 2012


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April 8, 2012, Sunday, Happiness is: Thomas’ excitement. Grits with bacon and toast. Chocolate. Adventures with Thomas and Lillian. Washoe Lake … the views, the peace, the quite, the beauty. Warm weather. Team TLC Easter BBQ. Snuggling next to Thomas … Continue reading

Happiness Journal for Camilla: Week of January 22 2012

January 22, 2012, Sunday, Happiness is:

Thomas and Lillian sleeping later than usual.
My nice, warm and cozy bed.
Eatin’ grits with Thomas.
Boiled peanuts.
Going for a walk with Thomas and Lillian.
A warm home to return to after a cold and windy walk.
The love all three of us have for reading and books.

January 23, 2012, Monday, Happiness is:

Touching Thomas’s soft face.
Tickling Lillian.
Laying next to Thomas and Lillian on my bed while we are reading.
Watching Thomas play in the mud.
Filming Thomas make a “movie”.
My electric blanket and heating mattress bed.
Justine Reyes of Take 2 Performers Studio.
A full belly!

January 24, 2012, Tuesday, Happiness is:

Hot black coffee.
Knowing that Thomas’ rough moments will soon turn into moments that he learned something.
Being in the library.
Being Kind.
Jumping into Thomas and Lillian’s world and their imagination.

January 25, 2012, Wednesday, Happiness is:

Feeling the sun.
Being uplifted by the joy from Thomas and Lillian.
A clean, uncluttered house.

January 26, 2012, Thursday, Happiness is:

Hanging out with girlfriends, drinking wine and eating GOOD food.
Learning about healthy alternatives.
Coming around the corner to find Thomas laying on the floor engrossed in a book.
The ability to smell.
Hugs, smiles and laughs with friends.
Thoughtful and kind people.

January 27, 2012, Friday, Happiness is:

Lillian laying on the couch in my office and reading her books while I work.
Picking up a very happy Thomas from school.
Watching Thomas play with his friends.
Complimenting others.
Spreading smiles.
Helping Thomas and Lillian make choices.
The view from our backyard.

January 28, 2012, Saturday, Happiness is:

Working on my book.
Adding content to our Team TLC website.
Helping Thomas and Lillian with each of their blogs.
Adding content to my blog.
Bacon and scrambled eggs.
Adventures with Thomas and Lillian.
The peace and joy nature give to me.
Seeing the breathtaking beauty and gift of nature.
Thomas and Lillian realizing how special, important and unique they each are.
Watching a GREAT movie with Thomas and Lillian.
Eating popcorn with Thomas.