Happiness Journal for Camilla: Week of May 13 2012

May 16, 2012, Wednesday, Happiness is:

Quiet time outside.
Thomas having a good day at school.
Smiles and hugs from friends.
eWomenNetwork Dinner Events.
Yummy food.
Thomas and Lillian’s LOVE of reading.
Everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm about my book!

May 17, 2012, Thursday, Happiness is:

Dorinda’s Chocolates.
Kind gestures.
Ripple effect of positiveness shared with others.
Nevada rain.
Hearing Lillian say “I Love You” at bed time.
My comfortable bed.

May 18, 2012, Friday, Happiness is:

Watching Thomas play in the park with his friends.
Being able to take Thomas for a haircut.
Buying food.
Treating Team TLC to pizza.
Quiet time outside with Lillian.
Walking outside and seeing Thomas and Lillian siting next to each other with pencil and notebook in had writing poems.
Listening to music.

May 19, 2012, Saturday, Happiness is:

Saturday breakfast of eggs and bacon with Thomas and Lillian.
Lazy days.
Thomas and Lillian playing kindly together.
Virginia Foothills Park with Thomas and Lillian.
Cooking hot dogs on the grill.
Eating hot dogs and french fries with Thomas and Lilian.
Movie night with Thomas and Lillian.
Eating hot buttered popcorn with Thomas.
Good surprises!
Receiving my first bulk order of D iz for Different!

Happiness Journal for Camilla: Week of April 8 2012


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April 8, 2012, Sunday, Happiness is: Thomas’ excitement. Grits with bacon and toast. Chocolate. Adventures with Thomas and Lillian. Washoe Lake … the views, the peace, the quite, the beauty. Warm weather. Team TLC Easter BBQ. Snuggling next to Thomas … Continue reading