Thomas and Camilla June 2020 Date Day

June 25 2020

Thomas and Camilla June 2020 Date Day

First stop: Yakisoba style spicy bowl and Rangoon for Thomas from Teriyaki Madness. Red miso ramen for me, from my kitchen. Dessert: Vanilla bean “ice cream” sandwich.

Second stop: Galena Bitterbrush Trail. Ended the walk with seeing a doe and buck. Beautiful.

Latest News: Vacation Time


(Nevada Beach, Lake Tahoe – Photo by Camilla 2019)

This is a quick post to let you know that I will be on vacation from from July 26th through August 9th.

I will be on vacation from my my personal website, Meeting the Authors, social media, and email during this time, too. If you contact me during this time, please keep this in mind. I have not taken a vacation from social media …. EVER! Well, since I began using it in 2007 or 2008.

With the current situation we will not be traveling anywhere, but I hope to take advantage of this amazing place we call home, to read, read, read, and just take some time to not feel like I need to post something, or feel like I need to engage with others.

There may be a few previously scheduled blog posts that publish during this time (if I get them scheduled before the 26th).

Thank you! – Camilla

Read more about the time off by going here …

Latest News: More on the Vacation Time

Great Day to Vote with Joyful Balcony Roses

June 8 2020

It’s a great afternoon to vote!

June 14 2020

A photo of this precious beauty from yesterday. She is incredibly beautiful, and smells divine.

June 16 2020

She is bringing so much joy.

June 20 2020

Today’s viewing of Life of the Party roses …. caught one in the midst of transformation.


Movie Night: Selma

June 19 2020

Extra movie night for me: “Selma” (Free right now, anywhere it is available.)

“It is unacceptable that they use their power to keep us voiceless …. What happens when a man stands up and says, Enough is Enough” – Martin Luther King, Jr

These people had more courage than I will ever know.

Flock of Pelicans With Magical Wind Clouds While Almost Playing Tennis

June 15 2020

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flock of pelicans flying overhead. There were about 15 of them. It was beautiful! I’ve seen a few in the lakes around here. Just not that many. (Absolutely horrible photos, but I couldn’t resist sharing.)

June 15 2020

Incredibly windy walk with Thomas this afternoon. Still beautiful. Still magical.

June 18 2020

Thomas and I had a beautiful walk at a park we visited many times when he and Lillian were younger. We’d planned on hitting tennis balls around, but the court was occupied. Next time.

June 19 2020

The sky and clouds last night. I mean. Who else saw it? Magnificent.

Last Dentist Visit for Now – Camilla

June 16 2020

Last visit for now = very crooked smile from upper right side being numb. Four visits, eight teeth addressed. One last tooth which can wait for a while as we give my mouth and teeth a break for a bit. Incredibly happy and blessed that my teeth have finally gotten the care they have needed for so many years.