Throwback Post: Came Back with Seven Books


August 5 2012:

Took about 65 books with me to the Chromosome 18 Conference in San Antonio and came back with 7 books …. Thank you does not even convey the gratitude I feel for my C18 Family and the support, encouragement and love from y’all …. I LOVE Y’ALL TO PIECES!!!!!!!

Team TLC Custom Portrait

June 4 2022

I must show off this custom portrait of Team TLC, made and gifted to me by my friend Jessica.

Jessica and I met through a facebook writer’s group about 6 years ago. She lives in The Netherlands, and we met face to face in 2017 or 2018 when she came to visit her dad in California.

It’s been inspiring to watch her grow her artistic skills and making custom family and pet portraits. I’m so happy we’ve stayed connected and we’ll get to see each other face to face again this coming December when she comes for another visit.

Lillian and First Steps With Treating Herself

May 31 2022

Lillian decided to treat herself to quesadillas and churros to celebrate taking a first step in improving her quality of life.

She has a difficult time going to doctor appointments, and struggles with actually leaving the house. Lillian wants to learn and master independent living skills, but has been stuck and resistant due to mental health.

I’m happy for Lillian, and actually deeply relieved to have this step conquered. 😥😥😥 As we were leaving the appointment, she commented that I should get her a treat for having taken this step. I responded that perhaps she should treat herself. 🎉😍🎉 We should always take that step to treat ourselves, not waiting for others to do it.