Bird Language and Tea and Savings and Nature and Swimming

June 8 2016:

It was my choice for family activity tonight. My favorite part was what I chose to close with … We visited the Bird Language website from a book I’m reading and listened to all the different songs and variations of many different birds to see which we recognized …. Cuddled on the couch with Thomas sitting behind me and Lillian sitting beside me … Thank you and I’ll have more please. xoxo

June 9 2016:

And just when you think you have nothing left to purge, you remember about a few more items …. So long 21 piece tea set. I’ve enjoyed your beauty tremendously.

Ever since you chose me to come home with from England 16 years ago. You certainly get around! Safe travels to Franklin, Tennessee and may you enjoy your new home!!

June 9 2013

He’s been wanting me to take him to open a savings account …. For months! Done!!!!! He got to sign his name. Apparently that’s a big deal!! He was so excited.

June 10 2016:

Thomas has been asking and asking me to finish this post for him and share it. Done!! A Leaf at Sunset and a Nature Box set and Pre-Ordering The Grand Adventure of the Biggest Little Photographer book! His creativity and imagination are inspiring!

Today was library day!! But first, they went for a swim.

Two moments of life lived while reaching goals and realizing dreams. xoxo

Thomas & Lillian at Pool June 10 2016

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