Books and Shelter and Breathing

Team TLC Gratitude List

July 6 2015:


Grateful for books because he likes words.

Grateful for Camilla because she cooks food.

Grateful for Lillian because she teaches him to live with someone different.

Grateful for guinea pigs because they are cute.

Grateful for cows because they moo.


Grateful she has a foot even though it hurts and she could not have a foot.

Grateful for her body even though it hurts.

Grateful for books because we’d have no libraries, or authors, or bookstores, and because it’s like she’s watching a movie in her mind.

Grateful for shelter.


Grateful for breathing … it means I’m still alive.

Grateful for this beautiful music on Pandora.

Grateful for books because of all the information in them.

Grateful for Thomas and Lillian because of all the fun we have and all we learn together.

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