Spring Camp and New Shoes and Chromosome 18

April 10 2015:

Had to make an emergency stop at Kohls this morning to get Thomas a pair of sneakers before more hiking at camp. His old pair got huge holes yesterday and put holes in his socks!

Thank you to the cashier as when I told him that I didn’t have time to look for coupons as this was an unexpected stop, and asked if he could get the price down for me; he did just that! From $54 to $33! Grateful, grateful!!

Thomas is showing off his wound from yesterday that he got while playing kick ball.

Thomas Wound April 2015


Stopped in Whole Foods to get some cheese for our nachos tonight. The cashier asked, “What’s Chromosome 18?” I happily gave her a mini lesson on DNA and how the C18 Registry came to be. That’s the second time a WF cashier has asked me about it. The employees there are ALWAYS so friendly and kind.

Camilla C18 Shirt April 2015

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