The Team TLC Love Pact

August 4 2015

Team TLC Love Pact

What does being a team mean?

Dictionary definition: Persons playing or working together as a group.

Lillian: It means the group members do not fight, that you have fun wherever you go, try your best to encourage one another, don’t interrupt people and have time for each other.

Thomas: It means the group members do not fight and they work together.

Camilla: Being a team means that the group members support one another, help one another, are kind and honest with one another. They do not tease one another, yell at one another, or hit, pinch, or scratch one another. Group members respect when another member is speaking and do not interrupt them with words or sounds.



Be Honest (L)

Be Mindful (C)

Be Kind (L)

Be Creative (L)

Listen Respectfully (T)

Be Fun (C)

Be Imaginative (C)

Be Serious (when needed) (C)

Remember to breath (C)

Be Thankful (C)

Laugh …. Deep Belly Laughs (T)

Dance (L)

Be Patient (C)

Always Respond with Love (T)

Be Respectful (C)


Abide by:

Lights off in bedroom by 10:00 pm by 9:00 pm starting 8.9.

Speak kindly to one another when one disagrees with the words or actions of another.

Be respectful when another person is trying to bring you into mindfulness.

Be respectful when another person is talking.

When a group member has expanded, that group member will listen when another group member is alerting them to this.

All members trust that the other members will always be there to support them and to help them be successful.

No saying that another member is icky, or has germs, or something they have used needs cleaned. Be kind.

Leave another member alone when that member is trying to listen respectfully.

No yelling!!!!


We all sign and date this document to attest that we will abide by this pact

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