Strawberry Cookies and Rockets and Chai Sun Tea

June 14 2017:

Team TLC celebrated wonderful news (times three!!) with these beauties. Home made vegan and gluten free soft strawberry cookies, sprinkled with powdered sugar … made with strawberries Thomas and I picked yesterday. So incredibly grateful! Thank you, And, bring us more please! xoxo ….

Strawberry Cookies 6.14.17

June 16 2017:

Thomas had a GREAT time at Science Friday this morning!! A group of the homeschooling + robotics/coding people met at 9:00 this morning for the first Science Friday at South Valleys park.

They learned about rockets and got to fire some too! Next Friday is electricity and snap boards! So incredibly blessed to have had this group come into our lives. xoxo

June 17 2017:

Chai sun tea … coming up! Yum! xoxo

Chai Sun Tea 6.17.17

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