Sun Tea Wisdom and Robots and Biggest Little Photographer

June 25 2017:

Wisdom from the Sun tea! Combination of nettle tea, chai tea, and a dash of passion tea. Can’t wait! xoxo

Sun Tea 6.25.17

June 27 2017:

Sumo Bot Robot match! Thomas is learning huge life lessons with this great group! They enjoyed another match yesterday at Bricks & Minifigs Reno!

Sumo Bot Match 6.27.17

June 30 2017:

It’s a great day to mail one of Thomas’ books. Biggest Little Photographer is on his way to Sun Valley, Nevada!! Have fun little dude!! xoxo

Mailing Biggest Little 6.30.17

July 1 2017:

You got that right Mr. Shakespeare! More chai and nettle sun tea brewing. So much enjoy the tea …. and the wisdom. xoxoxo …

Sun Tea Wisdom 7.1.17

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