A Friendly Gargoyle and a Friendly Polka Dot Monster and a Reiki Fairy


September 24 2013:

Team TLC dinner conversation tonight …

Thomas has a friendly gargoyle that visits him every morning at 4:59. They talk for an hour or shoot paper hoops. He tells me this after he asked what a gargoyle is and if they can be friendly. Told him they can be friendly if he wants them to be!

Lillian has a friendly polka dot monster that visits her. Her nickname is Lila. Her real name is Apprehension and they go to fairy land together. She taught Lillian how to make animal noises and is teaching Lillian to fly too!

Oh, and Lillian says she saw me last night in Fairy Land turning in my paperwork to be a Reiki Fairy! HA! I’m so thankful these two beautiful souls add to our interesting and fun life!! xoxo

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