Roux the Beautiful and So Is My Hair

April 16 2019:

Isn’t Roux (pronounced Roo) gorgeous? Another beauty I get to read out loud to when her human is out of town. 💛💛💛

April 18 2019:

Happy Birthday to me ….. still … Just had to share these birthday goodies just received. For years, I have been wanting to switch from the long time shampoo I’ve been using.

Last month I switched to bar shampoo and apple cider vinegar rinse and have been wanting to try this brand as I like the variety and the different essential oils used. Love it!!! Thank you to a sweet friend for continuing the celebration. 💖💖💖

Yesterday was my first time to use it. I was using a different brand for the last month and it did take my hair some time to adjust to shampooing with a healthier-for-the-hair-and-environment product. The hair has settled into it nicely now! I also love that when using a bar shampoo there’s no plastic bottle to toss when done!

I have one friend who always make sure to treat me to lunch and makes sure I get to treat myself to some lovelies (I have one more package on the way – YAY!!). Even if it’s way belated!

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