Fall Break Adventures 2015

October 27 2015:

Fall Break Adventures – Picnic at the park, volleyball, walking, collecting sticks, and taking fun pictures. Our word of the day is “love”. How was love part of our adventures? Lillian says, for her, it was the sun and the peacefulness (we had the whole park to ourselves). Thomas says, for him, it was collecting sticks and looking at the trees. For me, it was taking pictures of trees, walking, and collecting nut shells. xoxo

Fall Break Adventures – Fun drive up Geiger Grade to Virginia City yesterday. Our word of the day was “love”. How was love part of our adventures? Lillian says, for her, it was walking along the boardwalk, window shopping in Stone Age Quarry, and seeing the city park, library, and pool.

Thomas says, for him, seeing the remains of old Geiger Grade, window shopping in Stone Age Quarry, and seeing the wild horses. For me, it was their excitement as if it was the first time we had done this, wild horses, and eating fresh roasted pumpkin seeds on the drive back home. xoxo

Fall Break Adventures – Today was a walk in the rain, then a pre-dinner candlelight dessert picnic in the car with an amazing view at Audrey Harris Park. Thomas and I had mini pumpkin cheesecake and Lillian had a ghost cookie. Then home for homemade chicken noodle soup! YUM!!!

Fall Break Adventures – Went to Damonte Ranch park this afternoon. Word of the day is “wonder”. Our park adventure and wonder = For Thomas, it was the cold, how high he kicked rocks and bark.

For Lillian, it was, walking through the maze, throwing the ball with me, the section of the trail we walked on, and the walk itself. For me, it was visiting the park in our old neighborhood that we’ve not been to in nearly 2 years and the sense of feeling so at home and having a quiet long walk with two amazing young people. xoxo

Last Fall Break Adventure!! Drove around Lake Tahoe – from Reno to Carson City to South Lake Tahoe to North Lake Tahoe and then back to Reno via Mt Rose Highway. All in 5 hours. First stop was Logan Shoals Vista where we had a picnic lunch. Amazing place for a picnic! Words of the day were “song” and “unity” (couldn’t come to a balanced decision between the team!).

Lake Tahoe Adventure + Song/Union = For Lillian, Song = It was me singing every time Lake Tahoe came into view. We heard “Monster Mash” 3 times and that was funny! Union = Me helping her up and down the stairs at each stop, and having fun and being silly in the car. For Thomas, Song = When he was looking through the binoculars at Inspiration Point. Unity = When he was on the big rock at Logan Shoals. For me, Song/Unity (they became one for me) = As we were driving from Reno to Carson City the view from the bridge brought “Amazing Grace” to my thoughts.

Immediately after that, while driving into Carson Valley, we heard “Take My Breath Away”, and rounded it out with “Best Day of My Life”. At one point staring into the big, beautiful, emerald green water, with the rocks and the trees; I couldn’t even feel myself anymore. What an amazing and fabulous experience. I mean, look at this amazing place!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! BIG xoxoxoxo!!

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