Sitting and Listening

May 25 2016:

We sat under some trees, listened to birds and ducks, watched birds, ducks, and ducklings. We whispered to each other about what was being said amongst the birds and ducks. We talked about ornithology. Then, we sat quietly and listened. We listened.

Then we continued with our walk, held hands, and talked about others perceptions. Is one walking away from something, or walking to something? Only the one doing the walking knows the truth of it. So …. Never mind the naysayers, those who judge, and those who criticize. Let’s keep walking … What an amazing walk this afternoon with Thomas

Then I made all 3 of us a breakfast dinner while dancing in the kitchen. Can one dance and cook at the same time? Absolutely! Thank you … And I’ll have more.

May 26 2016:

We listened to sound of the leaves being blown by the wind, watched the cute little egret with the yellow feet, listened to the bird chatter, took in the sun sparkling on the water, and got to watch two awesome greater scaups (I think that’s what they were.)

What amazing, beautiful, peaceful, and successful feelings … Listening, watching, sharing quiet time together. Wonderful walk with Lillian this afternoon. So grateful. xoxo

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