Pelicans and Trees and Sitting

May 29 2016:

Guess what? We went for a walk! Thomas and Lillian finally got to see the pelicans. I kinda love taking pictures …. xoxo

From our walk yesterday … I always find more angles, shapes, and trees I love photographing. xoxo

May 31 2016:

On our walk Tuesday, Thomas and I sat on the bench. We talked, we listened, and we just sat. I kinda love our walks.

June 2 2016:

Guess what? She faced a fear and met a goal she created a couple of months ago. Lillian walked across all 3 foot bridges without holding my arm! She did it. She did it.

She’s on fire! This past Wednesday at PT she climbed to the 4th step on the ladder AND she agreed to have as a goal to go up 2 steps on the stairs in the condo complex where we live, before her next PT appointment.

It’s that time when we switch our afternoon walks to after dinner walks. Had a peaceful, blissful walk with Lillian. Go Lillian!


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