Here Comes the Sun and Wrinkles and Wonder

June 29 2013:

Went for an early morning walk … so invigorating and inspiring. Nina Simone singing “Here Comes the Sun” popped into my head … Here’s to a beautiful day y’all!


June 29 2013:

Lillian would like to know … Why do our hands and feet wrinkle after being in the water for a while …. and why doesn’t the rest of our body wrinkle when in the water like the hands and feet? Anyone up for answering this one?


Team TLC movie night …. I LOVE this movie … Imagination, believing in oneself and one’s unique gift … “Your life is an occasion … Rise to it” – Mr. Magorium. And …. “Every ending is the beginning of something new and different …” -Me

Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium Movie

Thomas and Lillian were so inspired by our movie tonight they just put on a performance called “Just be Yourself” …. LOVE it!


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