Lots of Bugs and Love and Sharing and Discussing Our Purpose

June 29 2016:

Wonderful walk with Thomas last night. Lots and lots of bugs buzzing around and lots of love and sharing too. Thomas did not want to stop. He asked to walk around twice so we could continue sharing and talking. So much love. Yes. Thank you. Bring me more. xoxo


July 1 2016:

Last night we gathered around and had discussions about where each of us is regarding our purpose and path, about each of our personal visions, how we plan to get there, how far we’ve gotten, what’s holding each of us back, current challenges and where we are as a family.

Then Lillian and I had a beautiful sunset walk. I came back to an email from Thomas (only a little snippet per Thomas):

“…… And why? I want to be a role model to others.

Really this is the only time I have wanted to be the leader of something but it is something that I believe is my vision, and my purpose.

You said to do what you like doing and I do know I would like it …..”

Made my eyes pool with sweat … xoxo … This morning I had a magical early morning walk. Just now looked at the pictures .. the 2 reflection photos …. and they leave me in awe … May you have a day full of letting go and of being in awe of nature … xoxo



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