Liquid Sunshine and Avocado Boats and Fries and Pears and Grits and Sweet Potato

December 18 2016:

Liquid sunshine!!! Oh, how I love thee orange. Thank you …. xoxo …. 🍊💕🙏


December 19 2016:

Avocado boats piled high with sweet onion, English cucumber, salsa, fresh cilantro, pink Himalayan salt, and black pepper. Then smothered in left over vegetarian chili.

So incredibly delicious!! I’m not the neatest when it comes to scooping the avocado from the skin. Ha!



December 20 2016:

Baked French fry salad …. I’ll take that!

Baked russet fries smothered in romaine lettuce, English cucumber, beets, sweet onion, garlic, raw sunflower seeds, salsa, aged balsamic vinegar, pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, sprinkle of Gouda and rosemary asiago, and drizzle of aged balsamic. Yum!!



December 21 2016:

Want to know something that’s really yummy?

Cinnamon-baked pears with toasted pecans!! Slice in half, drizzle with maple syrup, top with chopped pecans, sprinkle cinnamon, and bake at 350 for 30 to 40 minutes. Yum!!!



December 22 2016:

Grits! Not just for breakfast!

Brown rice grits, topped with sautéed mushrooms, sweet onion, and garlic. Then adding raw pistachios, a sprinkle of rosemary asiago, and fresh cilantro. xoxo



December 23 2016:

I’m having fun creating!

Short grain brown rice topped with sautéed portobello mushrooms and sweet onions, with green olives, raw pecans, raw garlic, and fresh cilantro. And a side of steamed broccoli.



December 24 2016:

This one turned out beautiful!!!

Baked sweet potato loaded with sautéed sweet onions and garlic, and steamed red cabbage. Topped with a honey, lemon, ginger sauce and fresh cilantro.

The red cabbage is simply gorgeous. This picture does not do it justice. Looked like I was eating indigo colored flower petals. So yum!!!!! xoxo 🍠 🍯 🍋 🌺



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