Smashing A Brick and Purging and Catalyst

August 8 2017:

Thomas finally decided it was time to smash his brick. We each received one at the May Alchemist Theatre event.

We were to imprint a word or words onto it to represent what we wanted to release. Thomas slept with his for a while because he said it had good energy!

It is done. And, so it is! Go Thomas!

Thomas Smashing Brick 8.8.17 #1 Thomas Smashing Brick 8.8.17 #2 Thomas Smashing Brick 8.8.17 #3 Thomas Smashing Brick 8.8.17 #4

August 10 2017:

Thomas and I just got done taking the Queen sleigh bed frame apart … in a confined space with a heavy tempurpedic mattress and boxsprings that had to be moved first! (I did it Frank C. Romano Jr!!) That thing is so incredibly heavy. My forearms are shaking! HA!

Thank you Marilee for suggesting Consign Furniture Now! They will pick it up next Wednesday along with two antique end tables. Wahoo!!!! I’m so hap, hap, happy!! Feel like I just lost a ton of weight! 😉

One bike gone, the free standing mirror gone, bed frame gone, end tables gone, one full load to the thrift store …. And there’s more. Three kitchen table chairs are going and three small bookcases. Wahoooo!!

Queen Sleigh Bed August 2016 #2

August 12 2017:

Mostly packed. Storage unit and moving truck reserved to get all heavy and big stuff on Thursday.

We’ll camp out here until Saturday, the 19th, and get the rest of the items packed. Last day here is supposed to be Saturday the 19th. Destination: Unknown. Isn’t there a song kinda like this? xoxoxo

Do I jump? Do I retract? Do I play it safe? What if, what if, what if? What about this? What about that? What WILL we do? Where will we sleep? My psyche is making me crazy!

I feel safe and comfortable where we are and a huge piece of me doesn’t want to let that go and is holding on for dear life. My true self and awareness stands back and observes the non-sense and drama created by the psyche … This is so not fun. Yet, will be the catalyst for something good …. xoxoxoxo

**Update** A few days before we moved out, I decided that we would stay here. It appears the time has not arrived yet for us to move on. Too many people trying to get one rental place when it’s available, waiting lists, hard to find storage units, no moving trucks available due to Burning Man … For whatever reason we are meant to stay put for a bit longer … And, we’re totally okay with that!!

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