How to Rejuvenate Oneself by Camilla Downs


October 11 2012:

A little something FUN and hopefully useful to YOU that I put together …

17 Easy and Free Ideas on How to Rejuvenate Yourself

I know I’m not alone in having those times (far too many) when my shoulders and neck have made themselves at home nestled right under my ears. Now, although my shoulders may be happy there, the tension this creates is not happy news for me and my brain!!

I also know I’m not alone in having zero to very low funds to invest in rejuvenating activities so I’ve put together this easy and free list in the hopes that you find a thing or two that works for you.

1. Laugh!
2. SMILE … even when you don’t feel like it … smile especially at those you love.
3. Feeling overwhelmed, angry or sad? Take deep breaths and drink a big glass of water.
4. Step outside for a few minutes of fresh air.
5. Turn on your favorite music and DANCE for a few minutes … or more!
6. Go outside and gaze at the moon and stars.
7. Clean for a few minutes … this ONLY works if you clear your mind and solely think about your task at hand.
8. Keep a Happiness and/or Gratitude Log … Whenever you have a few minutes write in it …
9. If you have a flower garden, step outside and …. Go here to read more …

17 Easy and Free Ideas on How to Rejuvenate Yourself



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