Toasting to Gratitude


November 5 2015:

Lillian asked tonight as I was making dinner if we could have a toast at dinner. Thomas joined in her excitement to add this to our dinner. We kind of made it a weekly tradition for each of us to share something with one another and toast our glasses.

We kept forgetting about it during the summer. I’m so glad she remembered. I had such a blissful feeling being in our little home, warm and cozy, making spaghetti and home made sauce.

Lillian’s toast: Here’s to her reaching the one year and 100 photo mark on instagram and the fun weather we’ve been having.

Thomas’ toast: The yummy food we have to eat and this great home we have.

Mine: Here’s to Team TLC always coming back together after rough moments, sharing meals like this, toasts, reading together, growing gratitude gardens, making vision boards, and laughing.

May you share a toast with your friends, family, and/or furry four-legged loved ones often … xoxo

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