Use the Good China

November 14 2017:

Incredibly satisfying this morning …. English Breakfast Tea with a side of gingerbread cookie sticks. The combination and amounts of ginger, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are perfect!

Tea and Gingerbread Cookie Stick 11.14.17

Note on the cute little plate: My grandmother bought a set of dishes for each of her granddaughters. She bought them when we were still really young, kept them in her hope chest, and gave them to us as we reached adulthood.

I used to keep them on the shelf or boxed and only use them occasionally. About three or four years ago, my whole way of thinking shifted and I quit using the regular dishes and switched to using these. We’ve lost a couple of pieces due to breakage and many have chips … Just the way I like it. Well used!

Seriously, those gingerbread cookie sticks tasted even better being displayed on such a cute little dish! xoxo

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