A Weekend of Indulging and Hot Chocolate

December 3 2017:

It was a weekend of indulging …. or so it felt. I had been craving grapefruit. I bought one on Friday and enjoyed every tart and juicy bite.

I had been craving spaghetti. I bought the ingredients for that along with a loaf of fresh baked bread. Friday night I had vegan, gluten free spaghetti with cauliflower “meatballs” in a home made sauce that was one of the best tasting I’ve ever made.

Saturday night I had an amazing, mushroom flat bread with a fresh tomato salad. And, tonight basmati rice with broccoli, potato medallions, and another fresh tomato salad.

Sunday morning was pancakes with wild Maine blueberries and raw honey … Yum!!

For the past three days I have been in food heaven; simply melting into this yummy food … belly tingling good stuff. Good food is so incredibly good. Good food warms my heart, brings forth joy and gratitude, and loads of love. I love good food …. xoxo


December 4 2017:

Yum, yum …. Hot chocolate with vegan, gluten free peppermint marshmallows. Warmed me just right after going for walk earlier this morning when it was a crisp 30 degrees.

Hot Chocolate 12.4.17

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