Purple French Fries and Breakfast Dinner and Grapefruit

November 26 2017:

Purple French fries? Yes, please. Yum!

Purple French Fries 11.26.17
November 29 2017:
Breakfast Dinner Night: Pancakes, Skillet Fried Potatoes, Cinnamon Toast, & French Toast (made with frozen waffles since we have no bread)
December 1 2017:
Thank you Trader Joe’s-Reno,NV for these yummy, yummy snacks!! My new favorite crackers and these little bananas are like candy!! Love the ingredient list for both; or perhaps lack of ingredients is a better way to say it!!! Yum, yum!!
Trader Joe's Dried Bananas and Beet Crackers 12.1.17
December 2 2017:
I was craving grapefruit. And look how pretty too! Beautiful and delicious! Yes, please. Thank you. And. Bring more please.
Pink Grapefruit 12.2.17

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