Movie Night: A Quiet Passion

January 15 2018:

An extra movie night for Team Member C – “A Quiet Passion”

Incredibly moving. I am left without words.

“Poems are my solace for the eternity that surrounds us all.” – Emily Dickinson

Writing. Period. Writing is the souls expression. Expressions of pain, of love, of knowing, of not knowing. To write is to share of oneself. To write is to share love. To write is to live. – Me

A Quiet Passion Movie 1.15.18

The above quote struck me as I deeply understood it. I get lost in trying to understand some of her writings. Yet, I have such a deep appreciation for Emily Dickinson and her poetry as I understand from where the words come forth, even if my brain can’t make sense of it sometimes.

I read many books and content I don’t understand on the surface. Yet, I don’t let that stop me. I am drawn to take it in as I feel on some level I am understanding it.

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