Book Musings: The Year of Living Danishly

March 24 2018:

The Year of Living Danishly

I really enjoy reading a creative non-fiction every once in a while. And, I actually accidentally read this one! HA!

I got it for Thomas as he likes to read about other countries. I opened it when moving it around and got pulled in ….

It was incredibly interesting to learn about the Danish culture and topics ranging from childcare, education, food, interior design, and taxes. With an up close learning about rural Jutland, the home of LEGO.

Some of the conundrums the author gets herself into had me literally laughing out loud. I do love when a writer does this with me! I got to learn in an interesting and humorous way and I like that!

One aspect I didn’t really care for was the off-color labels she gave to people and places, yet, I decided I wanted to learn what she had written about. And, when I read about the Danish views regarding animals, it saddened my heart deeply.

Lastly, I may have completely misunderstood or placed my own spin on what I was reading, but it seems as though happiness is measured by outside factors rather than coming from within. Except for the piece about how they remain happy during the dark and bitter cold winter months. They accept they cannot do anything about the weather and make the best of it.

Incredibly informative book …

The Year of Living Danishly Book March 2018

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