Deventer The Netherlands Meets Reno Nevada USA

September 8 2018:

A little piece of Deventer The Netherlands is headed to Reno. This beautiful card is the prequel!

A beautiful writer friend from Deventer is vacationing in Northern California and Reno and we get to see each other face to face next Saturday!!

I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see you Yvon Stokkink and meet your hubby too!

September 14 2018:

Tomorrow! Tomorrow my friend from Deventer The Netherlands will be in Reno!! Can’t wait to meet her face to face and share in person hugs! We met in an online writers group about a year ago. So fun!!!

September 16 2018:

I am so full up with joy! Got to spend the afternoon with my friend Yvon Stokkink from The Netherlands! It was wonderful meeting her husband, cousin, and his wife!

We had coffee and conversation at the lodge, then a swim, and ended with lunch at Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno!!

Yvon brought us milk chocolate bars and a tin of ginger cookies from her hometown. Yum!!!

She also brought my book with her so I could sign it. And we gifted her with one of Thomas’ books. Now she has all three!

They’re on the way up to Tahoe now. What a fun time! Can’t wait til we come visit y’all in Deventer!!

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